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Coping without a maid?

This is a discussion on Coping without a maid? within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; You know, you ladies are ALL so lucky your hubbies help out at home..........mine doesn't! But also partly because he's ...

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    Re: Coping without a maid?

    You know, you ladies are ALL so lucky your hubbies help out at home..........mine doesn't!
    But also partly because he's doing his own business.

    And I do agree with ast0212 too, there are NO MAIDS here in Australia. They do have nannies (or babysitters) but they are very, very expensive. People normally just hire a cleaner to come once a week to do house cleaning. And they like to send their child to day-care (i.e. childcare) once suitable, so kids can mix with kids and hopefully also learn something at the day care place.

    I too, also send my child to day care 4 days a week, while I go to work. I had a lot of trouble coping before, the house was a mess, I couldn't cook meals, the laundry was left hanging outside for days, crying nearly everyday, etc.....hence decided it was time to send her to a small day care group where she could also have some time away from mommy (as she's very clingy to me too) and at the same time get back to work to cover the cost of day care. Also recently got a weekly cleaner to come too. That's how I'm coping now.....I can now make all meals, tidy up, look after my kid when she's at home, etc.

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    Re: Coping without a maid?

    Yep not all hubbies help out at home! Sad isn't it? I'm blessed my hubby does, but I grew up with my mum raising three of us on her own without much help from dad. Dad's just there for fun and games.

    Last week at church there was a family with 8 children. They look like they're doing it on their own....I mean, with 8 children how can you possibly afford help when help is so expensive?? Yet their children are so well dressed and well behaved like little angels. On other Aussie parenting forums I visit there's quite a lot of stay at home mum with 4-8 children doing it on their own too. It is possible...I guess some things need to be sacrificed, like a spotless house and some un-ironed clothes.

    Also on a UK documentary I recently watched there was a mum with no arms and legs but she is so capable it is amazing!! I hope these people will continue to inspire us mothers

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    Re: Coping without a maid?

    Quote Originally Posted by Janvier View Post
    Hi mummies

    I'm a full time working mum...but am expecting my 2nd one and due in late dec
    My 1st one is only 11 months... >.< my hubby is suggesting that getting a maid is a good idea cuz can take care of 2 kids and housework...but I'm not sure how well maids can handle a newborn...and if get a maid we are intending to get one for only 2 yrs...after that we will take care of them ourselves. I heard overall expense (pay + levy + misc) is around 1k... was thinking it might be better than putting 1st child with mum ($500) and 2nd one with Infant care or nanny (around $600-$700).

    any suggestions? thanks!
    Get a maid now and monitor her for half a year.
    Household chores never ending. Either you do or hubby do. End up everyone gets tired. If your baby is colicky even worst..restless nights.

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