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This is a discussion on Depressed.. within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Is it that all hubbies feel that their wives dont't appreciate and care for them after giving birth, like we're ...

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    Is it that all hubbies feel that their wives dont't appreciate and care for them after giving birth, like we're not grateful and do not acknowledge their help? Cause my hubby feels so. Is it normal? Or is it me really neglecting him. I really do appreciate him and love him a lot but he feels otherwise. Had an argument and I'm feeling really really depressed. No motivation to do anything at all..

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    Re: Depressed..

    I'm a hubby and to tell you the truth, sometime I felt the same way too but I try to keep a positive attitude and attribute it to the hormonal changes of a pregnant women where they are to most fragile and weakest.

    But having said that, I think what most women think is that they are the ones getting pregnant and suffering so why shouldn't the Guy show abit more concerned and less whiny. But I felt this is not the right thinking. As a father to be I can assure you although we appreciate the ladies for sacrificing their body with pain and bearing the child, we guys are also as stressed and cared as much as the girls too, but the thing is we do it differently and sometime seemed like we are not caring at all.

    Talk to your guy, maybe he's also abit emo and stressed too with the baby and stuff but at least he said what he felt instead of keeping inside himself. Guys also have their soft spot. It doesn't hurt to show abit of appreciation or assurance to make them feel part of the whole plan.. Some words of encouragement or act of service.

    A marriage relationship takes two hands to clap, even if one or both is holding something(baby)...

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