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This is a discussion on Dilemma within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Originally Posted by Ting well, obviously when i said that the mums who found a good guy meant that they ...

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    Wink Re: Dilemma

    Quote Originally Posted by Ting View Post
    well, obviously when i said that the mums who found a good guy meant that they care and love for their child, if not how would he be good?
    and fyi, most abuse cases occur bcos their own mother allow it to. the mother shld be smart enuf to judge whether this man is good enough.
    and do you also know that many blood parents also abuse their child?
    ppl who abuse children (or even animals) are sick in the mind, so in what sense can they be a good person?
    perhaps you dont understand where im coming from, bcos, im just sayin, dont be so subjective, just bcos you met one bad guy, dont mean all the rest are bad.
    i know it bcos, ive met my share of lousy guys and now ive met my current bf who is an amazing guy who cares very well not just for me but also for pin.
    Oops, sorry. Just realised that you are actually a single mother. Apologies for not being able to understand you. However, how smart can we be if we have children before marriage? And in your case, not being with the man who fathered your girl. I am not trying to be sarcastic here. But you mentioned smart. And i am not saying that we are dumb. Those mothers who did not realise that their child is being abused are mostly blinded by love. I just want you to understand my point. I am listing out the possibilities. NOT saying that it would definitely happen. Enough said. I am just out to list all the future possible consequences, not against anyone or anybody of having a bf either unmarried with a child or after divorcing. Afterall, we are just letting our views known to snowbearries for the sake of her and her family.

    Do not bother to reply to my post as i dont visit this site regularly.

    Thank You.

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    Re: Dilemma

    so i ASSUME you are saying those who had kids before marriage are not smart?
    well, im sure you're offending many mothers here already.
    FYI, if you READ properly, my point of smart is the ABUSE part, nth to do with having kids before marriage, pls do read and understand properly before making out of point remarks.
    so you are also saying im stupid by not being with my ex? you dont even know anything that happen, so pls, do READ again, or ASK if you want to.
    i agree we are just listing out the future possibilities, but pls go back and read the first post you have posted and how negative and offensive it is to some ppl out here.
    perhaps you are not in our positions, thus its impossible for you to actually realise the situation, we are advising her on what we've been thru, not what we assume will happen.

    Last edited by Ting; 31-08-2009 at 09:37 AM.
    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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