Hi mummies out there

I am in a dilemma with the changes in my body. My lower abdominal area have been getting bloated for the past three months. The area in between my hip bones have been getting harder and I do notice that my breasts are getting bigger too. However, i have done urine test and ultrasound scans which all came back negative. Any opinions on what is going on?

I usually have regular periods once a month. At May, i had a Urinary Tract Infection and my period was delayed about a week. It then came on the 22nd May.

On the 8th June, my partner and i had sex and i experience very very minimal bleeding two days later. Then i bled on the 24th June which i assume is my period.

On the 9th July, i scheduled an appointment with a gynae. He did an ultrasound scan(internal and external) and a urine test and both came out negative. He then gave me noretisterone to make me induce bleeding because he found a suspected blood clot when doing the scan. I bled on the 19th July. On the 23rd July i went back for a follow up and he did an internal scan and said my womb is clear, and i have passed out the blood clot.

On the 20th August, i had my period. But the area around my lower abdominal is still boated/hard so i went for an appointment on the 31 august at Kandang Kerbau Hospital to get a second opinion. They did a pap smear which came back negative, also the urine and ultrasound(internal and external) showed nothing, except that i have unfertilized eggs in my right ovary that is suspected to be due to my loss of period for about a year, two years ago.

On the 23rd september, today, i am having my period. I am in a very big dilemma because if i am not pregnant, why is my tummy and breasts acting so weird.

I would appreciate if anyone could give me some advice on this. Thank you!