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Dr Geraldine Tan - High Delivery and Attendance Fees?!

This is a discussion on Dr Geraldine Tan - High Delivery and Attendance Fees?! within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Dear Forumers, Today I receive the bill from Mount Alvernia and I was shock to see the charges from Dr ...

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    Dr Geraldine Tan - High Delivery and Attendance Fees?!

    Dear Forumers,

    Today I receive the bill from Mount Alvernia and I was
    shock to see the charges from Dr Geraldine Tan and I will like to clarify with
    you or anyone of you who has past experience with Geraldine Tan.

    My wife gave birth to my daughter at Mount Alvernia. Dilation from 11am to 7pm. In
    between she came once to visit (consider as 1 visit). Then Dr G came at 7pm and
    my wife started pushing from 7pm to 8pm plus and gave birth on good friday (day
    1). Its natural delivery and it took merely an hour plus for my daughter to come

    Doctor Operation Fee by Geraldine Tan - $1600 ( before GST)

    Subsequently she came to visit my wife the next 2 days (Sat & Sun).
    Each visit was less than 20mins. So in total 3 days of visit.

    attendance fee - $1000 (before GST)

    Charges stated on her clinic -

    Normal delivery - $1000-$1500
    Attendance Fee - $200-$300 per visit

    My wife tried to clarify with her since the charges stated differ from
    what she charge. She mentioned she charge $100 more as its a holiday. The thing
    is that my wife took only 1 hour plus to push the baby out (Its consider fast
    from what i heard from my other peers), so when will she be charging $1000,
    $1100 or $1500? (I presume the less time taken for the delivery the less cost?)
    and just becos its public holiday, its has to be $1600?

    As for the attendance fee, $200-300 per visit. Even if I were to max out to $300 per day.
    it will only be $900. Why the $1000? She mentioned mount a is under renovation
    hence due to inconvenience to come to mount A, she tends to charge patients
    higher. Seriously, is the renovation causing a very big issue that she has to
    charge max out $300 and additional $100 for her "inconvenience"?

    We sound out to her and thats the reason she gave for the above charges. Dear
    forumers, I really appreciate your kind feedback and forumers that has dealt
    with her before, do she has such charges before?


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    Re: Dr Geraldine Tan - High Delivery and Attendance Fees?!

    That's not a good reason to charge patients at a higher rate! Due to construction?!

    I think my gynae also charge quite high but its bcoz my delivery wasn't easy, was assisted n waited about 7 hr for cervix to dilate but once ready, baby was pushed out quite fast as I was fully dilated. I dont't think she'll give you lower charges even if you question her. Just dont't go back to this gynae anymore.

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    I just saw your thread. I also delivered In Mt Alvernia last oct by dr G. Tan.

    I've paid $1070 deposit in her clinic before the delivery and the charges shown In my final bill was:

    Dr attendance fee: $856
    Dr operation fee: $1498

    All charges are Inclusive of GST and I was Induced at 9am, dr came twice to check for dilation and 3rd time was to push the baby out at 10pm. I took about 20mins to push. She also came by the next 2 days while I was in the ward to check my stitches and my well being as well. I did not question about the charges because was too tired to do so..hope this helps

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