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Foetuses = Bio Hazard Wastes in Singapore

This is a discussion on Foetuses = Bio Hazard Wastes in Singapore within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; I recently had a miscarriage, the foetus heartbeat stopped and eventually I bled and passed them out. I read an ...

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    Unhappy Foetuses = Bio Hazard Wastes in Singapore

    I recently had a miscarriage, the foetus heartbeat stopped and eventually I bled and passed them out.

    I read an article in the news about US senator passing a bill for treating foetuses from 8 weeks onwards (because they have all the discernible features of a human being by then) as persons and be given proper mass burial or cremation (then scattered at sea) by hospitals, if not by their parents.

    I was hopeful that that is the same for Singapore hospitals. I’d like to think we’re a largely religious community and this kind of thing is only expected.

    We handed the foetus over to the A&E doctor at Kandang Kerbau Hospital and she confirmed it was the baby. However, upon checking, they do not have the practice of burying or cremating foetuses. Instead, the foetuses are treated as bio hazard wastes. The form for cremation permit says for those below 32 (or was it 34) weeks old foetus. I’m not sure if the older foetuses are treated any differently.

    Shouldn’t these little ones deserve more than being dumped as “bio hazard wastes”?

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    Re: Foetuses = Bio Hazard Wastes in Singapore

    It should be possible if you demand it... If I were you, I'll surely request for burial or cremation too. A simple but respectful ceremony will suffice. My condolences, mummy. Hope you get another baby blessing soon!

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    Re: Foetuses = Bio Hazard Wastes in Singapore


    i was thinking about the same thing yesterday...

    I just had miscarriage last sunday

    on the day of my miscarriage, i was very lost and did not know what to do... because it is my first pregnancy.
    the doctor asked if i wanted to look at the fetus, i didnt have the courage, so i say no....
    So they say they will send the fetus for lab testing.... but they did not ask me if i want the fetus back...
    i assumed because i say i dont want to look at the fetus, so they assumed i would not want it back?
    or do they even ask normally?

    Until the day, when they finish the testing, they call me to tell me that testing is completed. Then i ask whether i can have my fetus back (that day my mind is much clearer). But they say no, usually if i want the fetus back , i should tell them on the first day.... (but how would i know !!) .... i feel very sad that they throw my baby away like some garbage.... or bio wastes.

    and guess what is the results of the lab test? the results only tell me: Yes it is a Fetus !!! I am really disappointed with Kandang Kerbau Hospital.

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    Re: Foetuses = Bio Hazard Wastes in Singapore

    hi ladies,

    per i read the above, you bring more insight to me...
    my situation is somewhat similar to yours as i have miscarriage at 8wks and have to remove it via D&C. with circumstances like ours and our concern on how our fetus is being treated once out of body.... perhaps would you like to feedback to Kandang Kerbau Hospital about your concerns which i think would give them better understanding how miscarriage women like us would like our fetus to be treated properly and with respect. i am thinking this feedbk might somehow better the future cases like us?
    further i think that Kandang Kerbau Hospital being a govt hospital might be receptive to this feedback as they are suppose to provide health care for esp citizens.

    (ps i am a strong believer of feedback...as i think it bring better standards to our society!)

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