dear mummies,

my last period started on 5 feb, n using a period calculator- my next period should be on 9th march n my own estimation- around last wk too.. im late, i m not sure if im pregnant again.. i hvnt tested, n thinking of waiting anthr wk or so..

however, im just gg to go for a trial at a new wkplc (after like 2 yrs being a stay at hm mummy) tomoro, n i dont know what to do if im officially pregnant w baby no. 3.. what if ive already started wk for a few wks, n then i test n im positive.. what do i do? im sure i will have to inform my boss about it, will they terminate me? is it ok for the company to do that?? im afraid of what to expect, cos im thinking of hiring a maid so i can go out to wk n she can care for my kids..

WHAT should I DO?? really lost now... sigh.. not many companies wld hire pregnant women, n from my last experience- before i give birth to my son, i was with the company for 1yr plus, n i resigned 3mths before i gave birth to him cos i was fed up w the wkload.. i didnt even fight for any maternity benefits from e company/mcys as i didnt know of my benefits as a worker this time around, im lost.. what you all suggest if im really + and wld have just started wking??