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Leaking amniotic fluid?

This is a discussion on Leaking amniotic fluid? within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hi all mummies. Am 4 months now and I woke up today morning for work with a shock - I ...

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    Leaking amniotic fluid?

    Hi all mummies.
    Am 4 months now and I woke up today morning for work with a shock - I wet my pants. Or so I thought. I went to read up in the Internet and saw many cases of leaking amniotic fluid therefore resulting in a miscarriage in such early stages as the fluid is more likely to leak only nearing labour. I got so afraid I went to Kk hospital O&G and the doctor did a scan and took a sample. Afterwards she showed me baby's heartbeat is fine and the fluid is not amniotic fluid. She says it's discharge that's normal in pregnant women & it's just the matter of more or less. The fluid this afternoon was the size of my palm!
    Though after hearing the reassuring words of the doctor I felt better and headed home to rest. After waking up from a nap and some light activities I found out I'm having this lot of 'discharge' again. It's a clear liquid that doesn't smell like therefore is definitely NOT urine. I sought advice from my mum and she says she've never had any friends who have this problem and I have no one else to turn to.
    This is my first pregnancy and I love my growing baby a whole lot. Anyone with experience on this matter please help!

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    Re: Leaking amniotic fluid?

    Hi Judith

    When I was pregnant with my 2nd child 3 yrs ago, I had the same situation also. Kept having discharge that I did not think much of. It was only during my 5th month detailed scanning, that the sonographer kept asking me questions relating to the discharge that I finally felt worried. During the detailed scanning, she also told me that Gwen's (my daughter) limbs seemed shorter than normal babies. She suggested I talked to my gynae and seek opinions.

    Went straight to my gynae after the detailed scan, and understood from Gynae that the discharge could possibly be AF (amniotic fluid). However, she was very positive as the scan showed deep pockets of water in the waterbag. To set our heart at ease, she sent me to another Gynae (sorry, I cant recall the name) for further detailed checkup 2 weeks later. During the 2 weeks, I was told to do bedrest and monitor. I realised that if I walked around too much, my panties will be wet in patch. If I were to bedrest/lie down for long period without much action, there was much lesser discharge. OUr conclusion with my own gynae was that I was leaking AF.

    There was no medical explanation as to why I was leaking. Gynae said it could be a small hole in the membrane that caused the leak. There's no way to "seal" the hole since it was internal. The one best way is to 1) Drink more water to replenish the loss and 2) Reduce the leakage by regulating my actions.

    During this trying period, the stress and worry I had was beyond imagination. I quickly learnt that it is useless to cry as crying means loss of more water. If i recall correctly, the average AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) is btw 11 - 21, and that time, i was at 8.7. That means I would need to drink lotsa water to increase the AFI. Btw, the calculation of the AFI is based on the 4 pockets of water, added together.

    Overall, with bedrest and lotsa drinking, and frequent visits to the Gynae, my situation improved and the AFI rose to a satisfactorily level.

    I would like to share this with you, not to scare nor encourage you. The AFI is important and because this is your baby, you have every right to ask your gynae to check the AFI for you (not sure about the cost thou). Discuss with your gynae on the solutions and seek advices from him/her. If need be, you probably should get second opinions from another gynae too.

    Remember, you definitely will be worried or even cry.. but, its no use losing your precious water. For all you know, it might really be false alarm and its probably normal discharge. Regardless of what it is, its best to seek the opinions of the experts. Here's attaching my old blog entries about the AFI. Hope that will help you.

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