Hi all

me and my wife has tried and was successful twice. one in 2008 and the other in 2009. but these 2 times did not have nice ending. for our 1st one in 2008, we detected the pregnancy and went to the gynae for a scan, saw the foetus and and heartbeat. but the gynae discovered that my wife has a huge fibroid about 15cm in diameter. so we took 1 step at a time to monitor the growth of the foetus and the fibroid. however after 8 or 10 weeks, the heartbeat stop. she remove the foetus and also the fibroid.

and in 2009, we strike again. but this time when we scan on the 6 week, there was not heartbeat. we keep our finger cross and went back on the 7th week. still no heartbeat and the shape/size of the foetus was not normal as mention by the gynae.

since then, we tried but not very into due to past experience (like try only a few days before and after ovaluation). after trying for 1yr +, still no news. thats y i intend to find another gynae to seek his/her opinion and hopeful he/she could help us. either thru medication (normal way to conceive) or thru IUI, IVF.

hope you guys can recommend me a good caring gynae as my wife still have bad images of the past 2 incidents.

thanks alot