Goran Dragic Lengheng soon turned towards the Houston Rockets' bench went.
"It seems that you have been fully restored to its normal state," said Danny Granger patted the shoulders of the promised.
Goran Dragic is not your opponent! "Paul George is excited about the promise said.
Promised coldly smile, "he simply is not possible to defeat me!" Promised so finished, sit on the bench of the Indiana Pacers.
The other end of the court,
discount nfl jerseys Goran Dragic, sitting on the bench of the Houston Rockets, simmering their hearts burning anger.
The first chapter of a slap in the face
Los Angeles, the weather has been gradually dark down, Lin Fei feeble to go on the road.
"Fuck white superior is necessary? Why I quit!"
Lin Fei, a Chinese American, the 1988 Christmas night was born in Los Angeles Chinatown hospital, years old when the parents' unexpected car accident death left behind him a heritage is a Room Office of the small house and a little money. Year-old living to feed himself, graduating from high school did not continue school, choosing instead to work!
Unfortunately today he was resigned, the simple reason that restaurants serve later a white colleagues with their feet stumble led to complaints from guests, the results boss left a white fired him.
Front of the guy, trouble, and so on ...... and so on ......
He felt behind him came a burst of rapid footsteps.
Guy? Do call me? "
To know that this year head to 80 old man to eight-year-old kid actor will be called handsome.
"Do not shame, I still walk my way!"
Not stop the pace of,
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Clearly, this guy is looking forward to the phrase guy called him, after all, the hearts of everyone there is a guy to girls, not to mention he considered himself or long some Xiaoshuai.
"And so on ......"
"It told me to!"
Lin flying hearts a little complacent, though the title of the guy is not worth the money but after all, and some feel-good!
Looking at the front bent over the white, his hands and knees, panting, Lin Fei was curious why is it called themselves, do not have anything.
Stand up straight away in front of white raised his head, subconsciously think of a word - liar!
Dressed in a suit and tie, hair apparently Maguo things, small eyes, and he was fairly tall stature combination with the apparently unworthy of a twinkle in his light eyes, but Lin Fei always felt like a prey, covered chill.
Frowned on, the immediate increase in vigilance, "Is there anything?"
Yellow skin, height of six feet eight inches, angular muscles exposed arm, the spirit of the short hair, the most critical are a young and some fairly handsome face. Completely over the role requirements.
Can not help but to take out from Scott's generous lips.
Burning eyes, Lin Fei covered even worse.
"This guy is not glass,
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"Excuse me, I see Mr. perfect your body, just we need a yellow man's role, so I would like to invite you to join our large shooting."
To know the actors, Screen Actors Guild, so many actors, does not lack in Los Angeles will be my turn?
"I'm sorry, I'm not interested!"
This crook trick can fool me.
"No, no, Mr. you see you are so handsome of face, figure another stick, simply born to career and students of, I now just anxious to shoot a yellow species of man's Xifen, originally the star of temporary emergency, so need a yellow man replace him, to know the crew will not be easily replaced, the opportunity in front of you, why not reach out and grab it. do not shoot a loss to know that the opportunity lost will not come back, think about how much The star is a substitute ...
At the moment Linfei feeling does not become a world-class superstar loss.
Heart, especially to hear you will make a another money, you will become the object of sexual fantasies of the women of the world, forest fly the miser plus little virgin heart.
Lin Fei seems to have seen himself standing in the high-spirited of thanks speech on the Oscar podium under the spotlight convergence; seem to see the millions of women coming to him, hope his night patronize. Lin Fei there is reason, the number of young girls brutally scourge is easily believe these liars, then, although he is a man.
"Why should I believe you?"
"It seems to Me!"
Scott spirit immediately.
Own business card from his suit pocket and took out immediately and from the suit inside pocket and took out a purse out of the documents inside.
Scott Richard, male, aged 33,
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to see the forest fly looked up again carefully observed some 33-year-old how to feel 43 years old, followed by the registered address and brokers, as well as a talent scout work permit .
Lin Fei, muttering: "It seems very formal, perhaps this is my first opportunity, a big man dare not a big deal to fail? Opportunity missed I did not, perhaps this is the starting point of my life, and then do not take up hard by the group of guys laughing at irony. "
Scott looked at Lin Feisi exam, nothing more than taking to speed up the rhythm.
"OK! I agree!"
He nodded his heavy head.
"Come with me and the company far, and now sent to your lens! Rest assured that you will be successful, you will have a lot of dollars and countless hot, sexy beauty!
"I was not born in Coban, there is no acting experience, if I play well how to do?"
"What if I play good that the protagonist is back, I was not will be kicked in the pants?"