Hope I'm allowed to post this topic here as would very much like to get a feel of the market. Admin kindly remove if found inappropriate thanks!

I'm intending to bring in some nursing/breastfeeding bras & clothes. Currently I am wearing them and find that they are very comfortable, cooling & suitable for the local weather. They are made mainly of cotton so it's very cooling with spandex, which allows for some stretch.

I would like to know, how much are you mummies willing to pay for the following items?

If any mummies are keen you can also drop me a PM. If the response is good I will bring in these items and update you ladies.

Nursing bra - normal, lightly padded ones
Nursing bra - those with moulded cup shape with the option of underwire or non.
Nursing bra - sleeping type to wear at home.
Nursing clothes - sleeve-less, sleeved, etc.

dont't need to specify a price, perhaps give me a price range.