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Please help I am so confused

This is a discussion on Please help I am so confused within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Ok so my periods are usually pretty regular (Sept. 8-9, Oct. 5-6, Nov.4-5,Dec.1-2) except in December I had a double ...

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    Please help I am so confused

    Ok so my periods are usually pretty regular (Sept. 8-9, Oct. 5-6, Nov.4-5,Dec.1-2) except in December I had a double period Dec.23-26.

    In December I had my period 3 weeks apart which is abnormal also my period is usually only 24-48 hours and extremely light the one at the end of december was quite a bit longer and was still light but not as light as normal.

    I have taken 2-3 pregnancy tests since October and they all show negative.
    About 2 weeks ago I had discharge on my nipples and it reminded me of breast milk when it dries up on there.
    I have also been having alot of cramping and acne.

    We do try to have sex at least once a week unprotected sometimes more sex sometimes less sex.

    One is 6yrs and the other 2 1/2 yrs old I stopped breastefeeding at 18 months and milk was dried up by 20 months.

    I didn't see any signs of ovulation after this last period if that is what it was.

    Also in the last week my sex drive has dropped to none I have no interest in it what so ever, not sure if that is related at all.

    I have also started to get bloated after meals and even when I drink small or big, as if I am full and I am hungry all the time, frequent urination and I look pregnant but all tests show negative.

    I was expecting to have my period again within the last week but it hasn't come again.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who may be able to help.

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    Re: Please help I am so confused

    Try and go to gynae and they will do an ultrascan to test if not will be blood test... Playing the guessing game n worrying is no good... I've shown negative in 2-3 pregnancy test too but when i went to gynae for ultrascan and blood test, the pregnancy was confirmed..

    So go for a checkup with your regular gynae and tell him/her the problem you face.

    so relax and stay happy.


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