Dear all,

I am 34 old, no case of any known gynological problems. I married in 2013. I found out I was pregnant in Oct 2013, however had a natural MC. Now we have been actively trying for a baby since Feb 2015. My periods are always regular, missed period for this month. excited I did a HPT 10 days back, -ve it turned out. I went to doctor on 9 April 2015 for a blood test and result was +ve. My HCG count was 89. This Doctor said its very early in pregnancy. I am now on Folic acid and UtroGestan 100mg (2 tabs at bedtime). Today I did another blood test and HCG count is 830........Is this normal?

Dear ladies, please let me know if I will sustain this pregnancy and become mother of a healthy baby. I am so worried and stressed out.My doctor has asked to see her again in 2 weeks time.

I have no nausea. However have backache, lower abdomen pain and sore breasts.