Saw this in one blog site. Think it is very useful for mtbs looking to buy a stroller for her baby

For small babies (< 18 months old), it is important to have a 5-point harness as the baby may slip from any direction.

Singapore weather can be warm for the baby. Check that the material is comfortable for the baby to sit on.

It will be good if the pram can be removed easily, and machine washable. Quick dry material will also be useful, for some of the babies are extremely dependent on their only pram.

Single handed manipulation:
It will be good if you can push the pram with a single hand (and not sway in all different directions). Most of the prams with a single push bar can maneuver single-handedly. With a baby, you wished that you have 4 pairs of hands at times. Especially when the baby wanted you to carry, and you have only 1 hand left to push the pram.

For most Singaporean small size mothers, weight may be a concern.

Easy to open and close:
Getting the pram in and out of the storage, or car, may be irritating. Ensure the mechanism for opening and closing the pram is intuitive and easy.

Consider the size of the shade to cover the lights from the ceiling (of the malls) and the sun (especially if you like to take your baby out for a stroll in the sunset). Some prams can change the pushbar from front facing to backfacing. This will be useful to avoid the sun that shines straight into your baby's face.

Able to lie down flat:
Small babies sleep for a long time. Allowing the baby to lie down flat in the pram helps to ensure his comfort, for longer sleeps, and hence the parents' comfort too!

Leg rest:
Some babies have longer legs that may dangle uncomfortably in the midair. Choose a pram that has a good leg rest.