I am suffering the same problems and around the same time of my first pregnancy - 33 weeks. For my current, it is a few days earlier when everything starts crashing down.

For my first pregnancy, I survived and manged to endure all the way until my daughter is ready to greet the world.

Now I find it tougher as I have to cope with my pregnancy and taking care of my daughter at the same time.

I have been trying to look up advices on how to cope with my current pregnancy insomnia and anxiety attacks. But there are some confusions though so I wonder if anyone can share with me your experience.

Constant urge to pee

I read that I should avoid drinking at night or near bed time. I tried and this has caused me to be dehydrated and I still feel the need to go pee. I also read that drinking a cup of warm milk before sleep will help me to relax but I am afraid additional fluid will increase the frequency of urinating.

Some websites advise napping to prevent fatigue, another which I come across indicates that taking nap will make it harder for one to sleep at night. So which is right? Or which one works better?

I also read that some light exercises in the day will help me to sleep at night. Does it work? I have tried walking more but I end up sleepless and feeling more exhausted at night.

My insomnia is in a form of exhaustion and not able to sleep so I cannot concentrate on reading or watching tv etc. My eyes are closing