Any pregnant mothers who feel that their memory is worsening with the pregnancy and want to do something about it?

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Pregnancy does cause memory loss, study says

February 05, 2008|From Saeed Ahmed CNN

Researchers suspect that pregnant women's forgetfulness stems from hormone shifts and lifestyle changes.

Science has now confirmed what expectant moms already know: Carrying a baby makes them more forgetful.

A recent study by two Australian researchers has found that pregnant women do experience a slight loss of memory -- and in many cases, the forgetfulness continues after birth.

The memory loss is subtle, and usually involves unfamiliar or demanding tasks, Dr. Julie Henry, one of the authors of the study, told CNN on Tuesday.

"What we found is that memory tasks which are more challenging or more novel, or those that would require multitasking -- these types of tasks are likely to be disrupted," said Henry, a senior lecturer in Sydney's University of New South Wales.