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Pregnancy Tips/Ideas/Guides - Mega Thread

This is a discussion on Pregnancy Tips/Ideas/Guides - Mega Thread within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hello, I am planning to make this into a mega thread relating to Pregnancy.. Some Of The topics that will ...

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    Smile Pregnancy Tips/Ideas/Guides - Mega Thread


    I am planning to make this into a mega thread relating to Pregnancy..

    Some Of The topics that will be covered are

    1. Getting Pregnant.
    2. Conceiving
    3. Food Habits/Diet
    4. B
    reast Feeding
    5. Post Pregnancy Problems
    6. etc.. These are some of the points that are on my mind now.. ill add more later..

    Ill try and post as many articles, views and personal experiences. Ill try to assimilate information form other places and add them here..

    Ill Try to answer the questions as much as i can and expect others also to participate, As I am not a doctor , pls dont't expect me to give any medical advice/reply..

    I would urge everyone to participate in this thread. and try to contribute their valuable information/ help and guidance..

    This is just a start ill update this thread regularly..

    Welcome To Share Your Thoughts!!! (Sharing Is Caring )

    Useful Resources -

    A Good Post On Curing Infertility In 60 Days
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    Re: Pregnancy Tips/Ideas/Guides - Mega Thread

    Here are 5 enjoyable pregnancy and birth

    1) Find a preggo/mama community (Like This Forum). Besides chatting everyday with my pregnant work friends, I also went to prenatal yoga every week and met some great people through that. It's how my (invaluable) mama's group was formed, too. Definitely find as many people now as possible because you'll be happier if you have an automatic post-partum group of friends since it's harder to meet people right after baby arrives.

    2) Stretch a lot, especially starting in mid-second trimester to the end. I would stretch every night before bed, at every bathroom break at work, and towards the end I took stretch-specific breaks at work. My favorite stretches were cat-cow and L-shape with hands against the wall, flat back, and legs perpendicular to floor. Also, I'd spend 5 minutes a day on my knees and elbows (so my back was sloping down toward my head). All of these help get baby in the right position and the knees-elbow position gets baby to float up out of your hip area (felt great for me). Also, sitting posture is key for baby position. Similarly, remember to do both kegels and squats-- for the squats just hold at the bottom. The idea is to get the pelvic floor to be like a trampoline (kegels tighten it and squats stretch it).

    3) Drink lots of water. And at night if you want to get fancy, add magnesium to it because it will help you sleep better and lessen leg cramping. I used a product called Natural Calm.

    4) Look into your birthing options. I'm not trying to advocate for any path, just that you make it your own. The most disappointing birth stories I've heard are from people who went into things blind and felt disempowered at the end. Research whether you want hospital, birth center, or home and dont't just go with the "norm" because everyone else is doing it. Whichever option you choose, find out what to expect and voice your opinions. If you're aiming for a med-free birth (or even if you're not),

    I recommend reading Ina May's "Guide to Childbirth." It's skewed towards birthing in a non-medical setting, but has really great advice and inspiring birth stories that won't scare you. Also, you may want to watch "The Business of Being Born," which is also slightly skewed, but brings up interesting points to consider.

    5) Hire a doula. They are amazing. It's been shown that having a doula at a birth betters the potential outcomes. Even though we thought we were prepared and even though I had a "quick" 7-hour labor, my doula made things so so much easier.
    Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Re: Pregnancy Tips/Ideas/Guides - Mega Thread

    Hi Maryromine,

    thanks for sharing such a useful information of getting pregnant & tips during pregnancy & post pregnancy in a nice post.
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    Re: Pregnancy Tips/Ideas/Guides - Mega Thread

    10 Tips For Surviving A Summer Pregnancy

    Reduce Sodium Intake -
    It may seem obvious, but reducing your salt intake will help prevent swelling. dont't eliminate it completely though as it contains iodide, which is essential to the health of the baby-to-be.

    Remove Your Rings - Fingers are one of the first places a mama-to-be swells and heat doesn't help matters. At the first signs of swelling, remove your rings so they dont't have to be cut off.

    Go For a Swim - A jump in the pool will not only cool a preggie lady off, but it takes some of the pressure off of the sciatic nerve and allows her to feel weightless.

    Damp Washcloths - Placing a cool, damp washcloth on the neck or forehead will help bring the body temperature down and reduce sweating.

    Movie Theaters and Malls - When bored of sticking to an air conditioned house, expectant mamas may want to try a visit to the local mall or movie theater. Both are filled with cool air and you may get some baby shopping done!

    Drink Fluids - We know we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day but sipping orange juice, milk and sports drinks will help replace electrolytes that are being sweated away in the Summer sun.

    Breathable Clothing - Keep your maternity wardrobe light-colored, lightweight and made from breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. This will keep sweat stains to a minimum and prevent heat rashes that can develop under the breasts and abdomen.

    Use Higher SPFs - Even if you usually stick to SPF 15 sunscreen, consider using higher numbers when pregnant. The sun can increase melanin production that leads to the "mask of pregnancy." Protecting your skin from the sun's rays will reduce the melanin production.

    Massages - Pregnancy massages can help reduce swelling and prep mama for labor.

    Wear Proper Shoes - Summer may seem like the perfect opportunity to pal around in cute sandals or flip-flops, but wearing comfortable shoes - possibly a half size larger than your normal size - will help support your growing belly and keep swollen feet from getting cut up.

    Source - popsugar.com

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