Iím raising funds for Project Baby Love, an initiative that helps abandoned and physically-abused babies. All of these babies come from tragic backgrounds.
One babyís mother was gang-raped. She did not want to keep the baby that was conceived by this terrible tragedy.
Some of these babies are unwanted babies that no one wants to adopt because they have medical complications.
Some of these babies dontít drink milk through a milk bottle; they need to be fed through feeding tubes.
Nobody loves these babies. Project Baby Love wants to change that. For as little as $5, you can show these babies some love. Funds raised during Project Baby Love will help feed, clothe and nourish 50 babies in Singapore who desperately need help. It will also pay for medical procedures and medication that will save their lives.
If you believe that all babies deserve love, then support Project Baby Love now. Your support could save a babyís life.
To learn more, go to GIVE.sg - Project Baby Love