Hello, I m SnoopyJoeYee here & new in MummySG Forum, wish to have some advice from MummySG Forum.
Currently I'm in my 7 months +++ pregnancy.
Is there any connections with work related that can contribute to some strong desire for sex expecially for mens.
My hubby open hair salon business & I working as accountant. Sometimes I dontít feel like doing it but my hubby wants it, how then, I cannot rejecting him everytimes his request.
Sometimes, I just lie down & let him do it if I dontít feel like doing it that day.
We have done it before few times in his hair salon due to his strong disires. I always have some problems after doing in his hair salon, sort of feeling un-comfortable, icthy etc. We always wash before & after but suprising his dont have those problems I having later. I use salon towels to wipe dry down there after wash-up.
Please advice what should I do now to maintain our relationships as before.