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Reusable VS Dispoable Diapers

This is a discussion on Reusable VS Dispoable Diapers within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; With the baby expo and baby fest coming up, I was wondering which is better? To use reusable diaper or ...

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    Reusable VS Dispoable Diapers

    With the baby expo and baby fest coming up, I was wondering which is better? To use reusable diaper or disposable diaper? Does reusable diaper require a lot of washing? What are the benefits? Thanks in advance from a confuse mummy who doesnt know anything about baby products

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    Re: Reusable VS Dispoable Diapers

    I used disposables for my son's first year as I knew nothing about cloth nappies until later on! I wish I had started earlier though, so am starting my baby on cloth once she is born.

    It definitely is more environmentally friendly as well as saving money in the long run, especially if you plan to have more than one child! It is a little more work putting maybe 2 extra loads of washing a week and with modern cloth nappies it is a lot easier. You can also use flushable liners for poos which make them even more easier! Basically when baby pees, you dump the nappy in a bucket till wash day. For poos you can rinse them under a tap or shake off poo (when baby is older) and then dump into the bucket. No soaking required. Then on wash day just take everything out of the bucket and into the washing machine.

    I also worked out the costs of water and electricity per load of washing based on water and electricity rates here in Perth, and to wash one load of nappies (around 15-20 nappies) costs a lot less than one disposable nappy!

    We still use disposables only one at night and when my mum babysits once a while for her convenience. Disposables are easier in a way that you only use and throw away...but they cost a lot over time!

    There's heaps of resources online explaining about resuable/cloth nappies (search on google) and you can work out from there whether it could be something that works with you

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    Re: Reusable VS Dispoable Diapers

    fyi, if you are keen in buying the cloth diaper, you can try to get from gmarket...
    outside selling $30, they selling $10...

    quite similar...

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