Hi I need some help with the symptoms I am experiencing for the past 2 weeks. Hope someone there had the same experiences.

In 29 July, i was diagnosed with UTI, which relapse and thus I was admitted into the hospital for kidney infection on the 8 August. My last normal menstruation came on the 30july, and usually lasted for 6 days (2 days heavy, the rest light). However, after the UTI and hospital stay, things gets weird. My last intercourse was 4 august, and since then, i had a mens on 17 Aug (around 2 weeks after the previous one), lasted for 2 days only and was pretty light. I lost a total of 6kg during the ordeal and had antibiotics till 19 august. Appetite was getting better slowly but slight nauseous remains. Was discharged by my doctor on 9 Sept.

then on 14 sept, my nauseous intensify and I have been vomiting abit daily since then till now. Even started to have this swollen feeling and cramps at my lower tummy. 2 negative Pregnancy test. Went to gynae on 21 Sept for a very.ultrasound, found only a 1.1cm corpus luteum. Then on 22 Sept (5 weeks later), my mens came and still, it is light and lasted for 3 days (ie 22, 23, 24).

Initially i suspect it's UTI again, so the doctor did an urine culture test on 21sept and no news from the hospital yet (no calls means it's negative?). Usually such result of such test can be revealed within 24-48 hours. Currently no burning sensation when urinating. Yet, swollen lower tummy feeling remains, making sleeping abit uncomfortable when sleeping with tummy facing up.

So what could be the cause? I recently broke up with my ex (around the time i had the first UTI attack). Could is it pregnancy, or UTI, or Depression?? Really need some help as I am very vexed by this!!!