Most of my friends were stunned when I decided to choose Kandang Kerbau Hospital over other private hospital such at Mt A, Thomson Medical Center, etc. The first question they asked me was why? Is it due to the cost difference? Is my company paying for me, thatís why I chose Kandang Kerbau Hospital?

Just to clarify, I am paying from my own pocket and there was not much cost differences as I am paying the private rate for my Gynae. In Kandang Kerbau Hospital thereís no such thing as package. Hence, you would have to pay per visit. Moreover, if you do not pay for the private rate, you do not have a choice of your preferred Gynae.
I only managed to fix my first appt with my Gynae, June Tan when I was 13 weeks pregnant. Seriously, I did not know which Gynae is good. So, all I did was to select a random gynae from the Gynae list in the Kandang Kerbau Hospital website. My criterion was just a senior consultant. And that was how I found June Tan. She was always full of smile and she was a very easy going Gynae. Given that my hub and I were a couple that do not have much questions for our Gynae, our consultation was pretty short (5 to 10 minutes). All we need to know is that our baby is fine and healthy. But those for mummies who are pro-natural delivery, June Tan is super pro natural delivery. I did consult her about C sect, and she told me to try natural first. Thatís the reason why she insists to give me my 4thinduction pills because usually by the 3rd induction pills, most Gynae would recommend C sect.

Total Bill For my entire Kandang Kerbau Hospital Gynae Checkup was about $2k plus including Oscar Test and those entire screening test. This is excluding all those visits to O&G.[ Visits to O&G cost me up to $700]

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