i have been smelling cooking smell, haze and sewage smell now. it has been coming to 2 years since our office shifted to where the food stalls are.i have complain to property and centre mangement so many times before.email cc hr too but there is nothing the mangement can do to help us.they say due to our air system is a return air from carpark, so we get this smell.but i say the smell is sewage smell,not dirt smelll or what ask them to check they just say will check see what they can do. everytime i call they say will come but never.call until they dont want to pick up.email no reply. hr also hack care. the smell is making me very sick.and not just me, my colleagues too.but to me now its worst cos i preg and easily feel like vomitting when smell those sewage smell.i dont know what i should do, i feel so sick the whole day to work in this enviroment.thinking of asking hr to change my seat but there is no place to shift me already.think of calling the moe but afraid will get sack by co.im not sure will these horrible smell affect my baby or not. what should i do other than quit this job?