Dear ALL Parents- to- be

I want to share today's heart thubbing event with you. I was depressed for a whole day because my gyne at ACJ clinic told me my baby might die or need blood transfusion for the rest of his/her life if my blood test do not turn out well, given my husband has G6PD and low blood count.

However she told me she suspects I might have low blood count as she suspects I am low on Iron. Its all SUSPICION and she gave me the worst case scenerio, scaring me the whole day.

I called the clinic for results the next day morning, the nurse told me the results will be out in the late afternoon. I told her, please update me. she impatiently told me "of course, we will call you".

Evening came and still no news. I called the emergency line for the results and was told off by the Doctor. "This is not emergency right? You called the emergency line" I replied her " you told me if my blood result is not good my baby will die right? It's emergency, no? So is my blood results ok?" Her reply was unsettling "It should be ok, but you are low on iron".

Before today, I was warded to hospital two weeks ago for sever headache. The hospital called the Doctor to check if it could be the iron tablets I was taking. She did not even check me or ask me in for check up, she just denies it all.

We choose the clinic based on forum recommendations, the Doctor is very smiley and receives her patients from the waiting area. But I think we want to pay for Doctor who is experienced and have a true passion for their patients' well-being.

Thank GOD for his grace, I have a good friend who brought me to a very experienced Doctor who is calm and do not make judgement based on suspicions.

Pregnancy should be joyful, dont let your gyne scare you with speculations.