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advice re Obgyn & Hospital:)

This is a discussion on advice re Obgyn & Hospital:) within the Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hi folks, We just found out last week that we're expecting! About 5-6weeks only. This morning hubbie & I went ...

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    advice re Obgyn & Hospital:)

    Hi folks,

    We just found out last week that we're expecting! About 5-6weeks only. This morning hubbie & I went to KK for a consult in a private suite with Dr Tan Kim Teng. We were unsure whether to go to KK or a private hospital. But I figured we'd try the private suite in KK for a start & see how.

    Anyway..we are both first timers and had no idea what to expect. They asked us straight away if we wanted to deliver in KK. We couldn't really answer.
    Dr Tan was really abrupt. She brought me in the curtain closed area to do a scan. They told my husband to wait outside.
    She didn't tell me how the scan was done. Just said couldn't see anything from stomach and we had to go 'in'. Then she did. Needless to say..it was very uncomfortable.
    Then went thru the checklist of stuff really robotically.

    When we were looking at the scan, they got my husband to come in. We asked if it was normal. She said too early to tell if baby is 'good or no-good'.
    I was really quite taken aback by that. Both of us were.

    I was then carted off the get tests done. We weren't told what tests. Silly coz we had the urine, BP etc done with our GP already. Just few days ago.
    The nurse just looked at the results and told us to go pay & make new appt.
    Paid $130 for consult coz she is head of department

    Thing is we both are really new at this and dont't quite know what the process is. We left feeling a bit depressed and down.

    I'm just trying to figure out if this is normal hospital procedure. Like...its something we just have to accept.
    Or perhaps we should try another hospital. A private one maybe? Or even another Dr at KK.

    Really honestly...any tidbits of advice would help us lots!
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: advice re Obgyn & Hospital:)

    Some of the Kandang Kerbau Hospital gynaes can be really robotic!!!
    I wen through a similar experience when I conceived my #1. & encountered bleeding. The doc @ emergency then was Dr Janice.
    Horrible gynae, totally no PR skills or any sense of empathy.

    She told me:" It's too early to tell. We cannot determine anything."
    In my mind: "hello, I am having spotting. can't you do something??"
    The next week I went to the gynae at Kandang Kerbau Hospital who did my check up and he was sooo much better!!!

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    Re: advice re Obgyn & Hospital:)

    Hi there..

    I delivered my first babygal at KK in july this year. I chose Dr. Khoo Chong Kiat. I didnt know anything about him and just chose him as he was the oni dr with the most earliest date available date for appointment but i was really happy and im glad i chose him.

    Advantages: He is really friendly. He bothers to find out my husband's name and always address him by his name. All the scans that he does, he will call him to come behind the curtain. He explains everything in details. anything im not sure, i will write the questions on a paper and he will write the answers on it while he explains to me.
    i had a low amniotic fluid level closer to my delivery and had to be induced at 34 weeks. He made sure i still had normal delivery and ensured minimal pain until it was time to push. I chose to see him in Private suite too..

    Disadvantage: he is very popular thus waiting time is really long to see him in clinics. So far i didnt have to wait more than 1/2 hr in the private suite unless he goes for emergency delivery or csect. But in B Clinic i have even waited 2hrs just to consult him.

    Overall, i would recommend Dr Khoo to anyone and even choose him if i shld decide to have another baby in future..

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