Hello all, this is a weird request.
I am the representative of an oversea company and lab dealing with DNA paternity testing.

Currently, I have a client who wanted to test whether her husband is the father of the child but does not want the father to know about the testing.

Which means that the couple would need to go there under the pretence of a prenatal checkup but the gynecologist will instead use our vials and take 2 tubes of the mother's blood and 1 tube of the father's blood. The father will only be simply be told that it is to check for infant-related diseases if he asked.

The standard procedure for local doctors is to draw blood but send the blood to designated labs for testing. Usually they cannot let any 3rd parties have the drawn blood. So I am looking for any gynecologists who is not bound to any local labs. Any assistance would be really appreciated by myself and my clients.