Good day im
New in this.. I needed advice regarding delivery in singapore. I am a SPR an my husband is now a citizen. Its my 4th baby. The past month im seeing a doctors at Kandang Kerbau Hospital clinic C but every visit diff doctor. So yesterday ive decided to see a private doctor at Kandang Kerbau Hospital the private suit my doctor is dr. Irene chua. I take the antenatal fast scheme $488 to skip the que they will just deduct the bill from $488. Can you give an advice.

1. How much is the normal delivery cost at Kandang Kerbau Hospital without epidural and with epidural? For A1 (1 bedded) and B1 4 bedded.

2.) how much can i claim from medisave? Please give me an advice about the delivery cost at Kandang Kerbau Hospital under tps dr. Chua.. Thank you...