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The Dilemma

This is a discussion on The Dilemma within the Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hello forummers! I am quite new here. So I have not't been reading so much of the forums here. We are ...

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    The Dilemma

    Hello forummers!
    I am quite new here. So I have not't been reading so much of the forums here.
    We are in a dilemma as to what, how & whether we should proceed. Here goes (I apologise as this is going to be very long) :

    Had pcos previously & was referred to Kandang Kerbau Hospital (subsidised) after a checkup in polyclicnic. After prescribed clomiphene to cure of pcos, I got pregnant after my 2nd round. Although we were not expecting to conceive, we were still extremely happy to receive good news. When for a body check at Kandang Kerbau Hospital and both hubby and me were tested healthy. We began our search for a good gynae & settled for a female gynae in Thomson Medical Center. All was well, and during my 5th month pregnant, i had slight depression due to constant crying whenever i cudnt take stress at work or when someone said something i wasnt happy about at home. Still, we continued with our checkups at Thomson Medical as the pregnancy was still very much stable. I was scheduled to give birth in Apr 2012.

    On 8th Jan 2012 (6th month pregnancy), I had vaginal bleeding in the wee morning hours. At that time we really did not suspect of anything major wrong & did not pack supplies (as how you wud do to prepare for the birth of a baby). We took a cab to Kandang Kerbau Hospital A&E (it was about 4.30am & our Thomson Medical Center gynae had told us before, in any emergency situation to avoid gg to Thomson Medical Center A&E as it wud cost quite a bomb). Upon reaching I was wheeled to the observation rm & a dr came in & checked me. I had dilated & cervix was opened 2cm. She suspected earlier delivery & ordered a delivery ward for me. I told I will be transferred to singapore general hospital as Kandang Kerbau Hospital delivery ward was full tht night.

    We arrived at singapore general hospital Delivery Suite (by ambulance) at about 10am & I was not allowed out of bed since. Was given steroid shots & medication to stop contractions. During the wee hours of 9th Jan 2012, my waterbag leaked. That afternoon, ultrasound scan showed baby was very much active despite the shallow amniotic fluid. Called the gynae from Thomson Medical Center but was told that she does not do delivery at Kandang Kerbau Hospital.

    5am - 10th Jan 2012, a big lump of blood oozed out frm the vagina. Soon after about 5 to 7 med staffs comprises of gynaes, nurses & midwife came in. Baby was born at 8.12am without me pushing her out.

    11th Jan 2012 - Mummy discharged
    29 Feb 2012 - Baby was finally discharged from hospital

    Mummy assigned to random gynaes in singapore general hospital that are not patient enough to answer questions or check Mummy thoroughly.

    So, after going thru everything, I was recommended by a friend to go to NUH Prof Biswas.

    At the moment, our dilemma is such:

    -baby checkups is currently all subsidised (baby gynae, pysiotherapy, eye checkups)
    -baby born premature means a high probability next baby would have the same birth fate, thus getting a gynae specializing in high risk pregnancy like Prof Biswas would be a wise move, as we stay in Jurong, travelling to & fro to NUH would be a more cost effective & time saving.
    -due to the high cost spent on the 1st premature baby, we need to stay subsidised for future medical care

    If you have somewhat similar experience, or know what would be best to have ALL the checkups for Mummy & baby (if possible) to be moved to NUH yet stay subsidised, do share ya? TIA. Do ask if whatever I've typed doesnt seem to make sense & I am trying to be as detail as possible without sounding too longwinded ;P

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    Re: The Dilemma

    I gave birth in NUH by Prof Mary Rauff. As she is a private practitioner, she is not cheap. Anyone who prefers a motherly, caring, calm, gentle and pro natural birth gynae, she is absolutely fabulous!

    During my pregnancy last year, there was once I was referred to Prof. Biswas by Prof.Rauff because she was away on a vacation. Both doctors are working in the Women's Clinic which is not subsidised.

    dont't take my word for it, ring up NUH Women's Clinic (Ruby/Emerald) and check with the staff nurses or the Doctor's assistant there on the consultation of Prof' Biswas. Ask the staff there if Prof. Biswas runs his own private clinic outside the hospital which again will be slightly cheaper on consultation fee.

    You can still go see a doctor in NUH but it will be walk-in and baby to be attended just by any doctor who is on duty that day, that way, I reckon the cost will be much cheaper.

    Take care and rest well.

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