I cant find any info on this doc. Hope my experience shares something.

Dr Lek was my private gynae for my 2nd pregnancy. Me and my hubby has just decided to stop using him and return to Kandang Kerbau Hospital. (My first princess was delivered at Kandang Kerbau Hospital so it is my 1st time using private.)

My first consultation was $200++ when I was told it would be around $130. They added a blood test which is around $90++. The reason they gave was that I was 4 months preg when I visit them, and that's was late already so must do blood test. I was like huh?? I thot no matter where you go you will need blood test? that's already a basic in preg? I let the matter pass as I thot it might just be a miscommunication, afterall it's my first time.

On my 6th month, I experience aches and pains at my butt area which i dont't have during my 1st preg. I thot it might be 1 of a fall injury I had but better consult the doc to play safe.
He only told me "that's impossible" and that's it. He brushed off my concern just like that and never ask or suggest anything else. I let it go again. And other checkups were just entering the room, take blood pressure, scan baby, tell me healthy, ok can leave. =.=

The nurses were normal except "sales oriented". They keep asking and pestering me to get the DHA oil capsule (optional) for baby when I say I dont't want. (the next visit my doc also ask me y I dont't take the capsule. =.=)

Now's the big thing that made us confirm change doc.

As it's my 1st time using private, I check with the price on my 1st visit. I was told that I only have to pay $500 cash on my 5th month and the rest will be charged on my medisave. The $500 was doctor's fee deposit.

On my 7th month, no one told me anything until I had to ask myself.
They had forgotten to book the hospital bed for me. So I asked again, the $500 that I'm paying is for what and is there any other cash that I need to fork out? I was given this answer, "Oh, nothing else. dont't worry dont't worry", and confirm their ans in front of my hubby too.
Until 2 days before my next visit, my sister-in-law says that her gynae told her a different thing. I even called up East Shore to check. To my surprise, my sister-in-law's gynae was right but mine told me none of it. I am suppose to place a upfront deposit of $1350 (min.) depending on the bed I choose during admission. When I ask about it on the phone, the nurse actually told me that "Oh, I thot you should know , it's the normal procedure, it's like that." I was f**king pissed and told her that I already mentioned to them that this is my 1st time using private, they should have the responsibility to inform me especially when I asked specifically about it not only once. I even tested them by saying if I dont't have the means to come up with the upfront dep, what can they do? She actually said "if like that huh, y not you go KK , KK no need pay cash."
To me, they are like chasing me off! urghhh! Me and my hubby both thinks that they are very irresponsible, be it the doc or nurse. Not only that they are not caring in the baby's and mum's wellbeing, they hide impt information and more concern in selling things. Very disappointed thou is recommended by my own mum.

Hope that my experience can help other mummies to make wiser decision. It's 2 lives in concern.


Dr Sandy Lek Swee Chew
Joo Chiat Clinic for Women
127, Joo Chiat Road S'pore 427414
Tel: 6440 5838

*my sis-in-law's gynae - Dr Roger lucky*