Hello fellow mums, I would like to know your experience with Dr Yvonne Chan from Thomson Medical Center. I think her clinic is at Thomson Medical Center #06-06.

I would like to know your experience with her, and her clinic staff.

I wanted to consider her because there were many good feedback, but when I called the clinic, my call went unanswered a few times.
And then when finally went through, the receptionist talked very e r y s l o w like she didn't have lunch, and as if her paperwork was all over the floor (she kept asking me to "hold on", "wait ..." without apologizing), plus confirm the wrong details with me a few times. To her credit, she was polite (other than not saying sorry, she spoke in a nice, friendly tone). Quite frustrating like she lives in her own world, the call felt more like MTV boiling point. Not a good first experience or maybe I call at the wrong time? A simple appointment took her almost 10 minutes to make.

I appreciate if anyone would give comments.
Thank you very much!