This storey is meant for all would be mum: Never give up hope

My wife was into her 17 weeks of pregnancy and was scheduled to do her amniocentesis test. On the day of the test, a scan was done and the gynae suggested that there is a possibility of a molar pregnancy (see My wife amniotic fluid index is only 4.6 and the gynae indicated that a beta-hCG test has to be done to confirm the finding and if turns out positive, we have to terminate the pregnancy as there is a risk of my wife developing cancer if she continues with the pregnancy. A beta-hCG test was done and it turns out that the level is high, suggesting a molar! We were advised to terminate the pregnancy and up till this moment, we have been following up with the same private medical centre.

Our hope of delivering a baby boy was dashed at this juncture. We were as lost as the monkey in the desert.

We decided to seek second opinion and we did some research on who we should look for. We finally decided on Prof Arijit Biswas from NUH and this decision changed our family’s life completely. Prof Biswas is the Head of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division. He specializes in high risk pregnancies.

Prof Biswas offered us Hope and delivered our Joy

Our first encounter with Prof Biswas was only a few days after we receive the bad news from the previous gynae. We elaborated on our case and he did a scan. We told him we are worried about the molar pregnancy that the previous gynae had confirmed. Prof Biswas was very quick to point out to us that there is some problem with the pregnancy but he assured us that it is not a molar pregnancy. We were already very delighted with this remark at this point even though that there is a complication in the pregnancy. Prof Biswas does not rely on the beta-hCG findings that we did earlier at the private centre. He relied on his expertise and clinical findings and made his diagnosis. Prof Biswas’s clinical diagnosis was right as he did further test (chromosome test, amniocentesis.) and they confirmed that it is not a molar pregnancy.

The weeks that followed were not easy. The problem of low amniotic fluid continued. Prof Biswas did in total 9 amniocentesis infusion for my wife and this was not easy, both for my wife as well as for Prof. We were very impressed with his patience everytime he does the infusion as each process lasted quite long. And there was always one long list of patients waiting outside to see him. My wife and myself always tell one another that Prof Biswas is going to end up working very late for those days….Poor him…

On week 24, we were told that we had to make a decision whether to continue with the pregnancy. Prof Biswas advised us on the pros and cons of continuing. Most importantly, he assured us he will try his very best should we continue. And he kept to his promise till today. We know both mother and baby are in good hand, and of course we decided to continue!

One week after another week and one infusion after another infusion. All those while, my wife leaked out all the fluid hours after infusion. At times, we were filled with surprises and happiness when Prof Biswas break some good news and at other times, we were caught with unpleasant news. We remember very clearly at week 25, there is some sign that the fluid is increasing and we could really see the delight and happiness on Prof Biswas’s face. He truly shared our joy and sadness as can be seen on that occasion. We were so touch with the grin on his face when he told us the good news. The happiness does not last as the fluid was again low in the following week but we do not feel sad as we were well aware that Prof Biswas will help us cross any obstacles that were to come.

My wife was hospitalized with contraction in week 28. Prof Biswas gave her salbutamol to inhibit contraction as he wanted the baby to stay inside as long as possible. Steroid was also given to assist in lung development as the low fluid can prevent the baby’s lung from developing properly.

We were again very touch when Prof Biswas came to visit my wife even on weekends during her stay. And on the Saturday of week 31, my wife cannot hold on any longer as the contraction worsens. Prof Biswas, against all odds, delivered our baby boy yesterday. Our baby weighs only 1.16 kg but other than this disadvantage, he is healthy and strong as a bull…. All thanks to the healing hand of Prof Biswas!