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Thanks again PINKDIAMONDS!!! by the way ,the 4-bedded room has 1 toilet only right? I hope it wont be fully occupied when i deliver.

do the senior OB doctors charge more also at Thomson Medical Center? Would you recommend getting just the junior ,hahaha,hopefully they are also good . Who is your doctor at Thomson Medical Center by the way? thanks.
I took up the 4-bedded package but was automatically upgraded to 2 bedded cause there weren't any beds for me. I do believe the 4-bedded only has 1 toilet for all to share. Anyway, most of the time you will want to lie down, so the toilet will most probably be vacant.

My OB is Dr Adelina Wong. She has a clinic there and delivers there. So she was the only doctor that tended to me. Not sure who they will send if you dont't have a OB there, so I dont't know if there's a junior or senior OB.

If you're going to deliver there, then best you have an OB who will deliver there as well, since your information will be with your OB.