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52hours of delivery @ Kandang Kerbau Hospital

This is a discussion on 52hours of delivery @ Kandang Kerbau Hospital within the The Big Day forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; My EDD was on 19 th Aug 2013. Most people expected him to be out before 19 th Aug given ...

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    52hours of delivery @ Kandang Kerbau Hospital

    My EDD was on 19th Aug 2013. Most people expected him to be out before 19th Aug given that he was my first child. However, by 22nd, he was still happily snuggling inside the womb – Strong Reluctance to come out! I totally wasted my maternity leave as I was anticipating a sudden burst of water bag [you know those TV drama: oh waterbag break, immediate child delivery: Quick! Prepare a basin of hot water] or the feeling of contraction.So my gynae said: It is time to induce him out on 22nd. So we packed our delivery bag and brought only the essentials as we expected just a 3D2N stay in Kandang Kerbau Hospital.

    Day 1: Check in to Kandang Kerbau Hospital delivery Suite at 11am.

    We were supposed to reach at 10am but we were late. Okay, I took my own sweet time having bfast and once we are in the car, I was like, “did you bring my IC? NO!” “Did you bring my wallet? NO!” So we ended up driving back and forth home 2 times before heading to Kandang Kerbau Hospital.
    11am: After some administrative work, I was sent to antenatal ward. Given that it was a common room where beds were just separated by curtains, no visitors were allowed. So my hub had to stayed outside while I was inside the ward. A fetal monitor was attached to my abdomen to monitor my baby’s heartbeat. The nurse mentioned that they do not provide enema to clear the bowel as it is not a protocol. This is very different from the private hospital. Most of my private hospitals actually provide the patients the enema to prevent any awkward scenario in the delivery suite. So I actually asked the nurse why Kandang Kerbau Hospital does not provide the enema, she said, it will not happen.
    After 2 hours, they decided to do VS and insert the first induced pill. So I was there in the ward from 11am-3pm then I was transferred to my ward. Was the insertion painful? YES! Super duper pain! Given that it was my first insertion, I did not anticipate the pain. After the insertion of the first pill, I was asked to walk back to the ward and to report back to the delivery suite at 10pm for the insertion of the 2nd pill.
    This was our ward:
    The nurse was very nice as she started to orientate us the features of the room. ' How to use the buttons to call for the nurse, where’s the fridge, etc;. If you stay in the A ward, it is not necessary to bring any toiletries as it is all provided for. Anyway I did not bring any toiletries because I was already planning to buy it at this shop Mum Essential. They have the great shower gel!

    Night 1:
    They do have lots of selection their menu. But the food was rather dry and tasteless. Well, I guess this is the typical hospital food.6am: I started to have pain in my tummy so we went back to the delivery room. After doing the 3rd VS, I had only dilated 1.5cm. So they wanted to insert the 3rd pill. By the third pill, I started to freak out as the insertion of the 2 pills were really very pain. My hub told the doc that we want to do c-sect. But the doc was like “why dont’t you do natural. Natural delivery is better than c sect. Just take in the laughing gas and breath in and out.” The third pill is inserted and yes, the dilation was only 1.5cm. Usually, most patients would be able to give birth after the third induction pill. In fact, it was considered the maximum amount of induction pill that one should receive. Anyway: the laughing gas is really something you should get your hub to try! It is a lifetime experience… You really feel like laughing!
    For those who are interested to read the rest of the story and see pic:
    KKH: 5D4N Birth Story of Little Minty Prince (Little Raynor) ~ Minty Queen

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    Re: 52hours of delivery @ Kandang Kerbau Hospital

    Hi Minty Queen,

    Little Raynor is such an adorable baby. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience of giving birth to your first baby. I'm also nearing my EDD which is why I'm spending my time reading in forums about what to feel, what to expect, what to do when EDD arrives. I'm nervous and excited and worried all at the same time. I hope everything will go as smoothly as I imagined it would be.

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