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My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010

This is a discussion on My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010 within the The Big Day forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Althought its kind of late to post now but just want to share my story for my baby Jalen boy. ...

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    My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010

    Althought its kind of late to post now but just want to share my story for my baby Jalen boy.

    7 April 2010
    I started to have contractions on and off from afternoon until evening time. Contractions interval become shorter and i can start to feel the pain.8 plus my husband drive me to hospital. As im in a rush and pain so forgot to bring my I/C, my husband scolded me on the way to hospital.I feel worry, sad and pain at that time.I was admitted to labour ward. I was ask to change clothing and nurse insert something to clear my bowel.immediately after she inject the water, i feel like going to toilet.After done, nurse stick the needle on my wrist.Its so painful. A while later i feel like going to toilet but the nurse say cannot. She let me pass urine using container, later change to tube.The tube was inserted very deep into my vaginal,its so painful!Nurse came in few hours every time to check my contractions.She put in her whole hand in my vagina and turn here and there inside. I have never feel so painful before,its like being torture alive.The nurse said i am already 2.5cm now.Around 930pm contractions came every min. I can no longer endure the pain and press the button for the nurse and ask for epidural. Not long a doctor came and stick needle into my back.After that i feel very numb espcially my left body. I was so hungry, numb and pain and they wont allow me to eat.They say no food after epidural.I endure the hunger and pain throughout the night.I can only drink milo and i drank more than 3 cups of milo throught the night.I cant sleep well at all cos i am too hungry and painful.Althought injected epidural but i will still feel that contraction, just that it is not that painful as earlier on.My gynae came to see me, check on my vagina, once again i have to endure the horrible pain.3.5cm..5cm..1st epidural finish at midnight.2nd epidural was given.Throughtout the night i focus on my baby heartbeat in that machine that was placed beside me.Sometimes it was loud sometimes too soft.

    8 April 2010
    8am plus, nurse came in and check again. It was then 8cm already. Not long after, my husband went out and came back say my gynae was next door asssiting other mother labour.9am plus, my gynae came in, he checked and was already 9cm plus.He say he thought i already give birth, waterbag still not broke so he want to assist my labour and use dont know what thing to break my waterbag. I heard one big sound and my waterbag burst and water splash out.Nurse use container and say its floated.She take many cloth to faster absorb the water.At that moment i feel so scare.My gynae check again and say baby head is just below he can feel it.One nurse stand beside me and keep ask me to push and push like having constipation push.Gynae also ask me to push and so i did, not knowing already having tears because i was too numb already.My gynae ask the nurse to reduce my epidural. My legs cant even place up.Nurse stand on my left and my husband on my right. The pushing started, i didnt scream. I just keep push till my brain almost burst. My gynae told me baby head is out, now must push harder.I stop few times as i was already tire. Nurse keep ask me to push so i did. I can feel my gynae keep using his hand inside holding baby head and trying to hold baby body to pull him out. Then i feel baby sliding out and then heard his choking and crying.Gynae put him straight at my stomach with the umbilicant cord still attached. He ask my husband to cut it. I saw my baby and feel very relief and happy.He is so small and keep crying.Gynae told me there are tears.He say he didnt even cut and i already push baby out. I only know its bcos the nurse keep ask me to push. Now i have to suffer many stitches. I can feel the stitches and the last epidural has finish. Its so painful. I dint tell gynae i feel the pain cos i was then keep looking at baby.My husband busy with nurse to check on baby's weigh, height body etc.Then baby was put in the warmer container bed.My gynae was stitching and whisering at the same time.I see already very nervous. I saw needle and thread coming up and down.After that he wash my wounds, i saw a lot of blood.I told gynae i am very hungry, he ask nurse to save the breakfast for me.I ate a bit as it was cold.Nurse then clear everything, change for me and put me to another bed then take me to other ward.

    I was push out of the labour ward to the first ward near the labour ward. My husband pushing baby behind.By the time i was transfer there, lunch was served. I vomitted not long after that.Nurse said its the side effect of the epidural.Nurse told me to measure my 1st urine later but i totally forgoten about it,I do it few urines later.No urine pain but the pain when i tab cotton wool on my wound.Throughout the 2 nights i cnt sleep well.Almost every 2 hours nurse will push baby in for feeding. I cant latch and there's no milk.Every try is the same even with help.My husband insist on breastfeeding keep ask me to keep try. I try for him and in law to see until both nipples are bleeding and baby is drinking my blood.The first night i ask nurse to feed formula when i see baby so poor thing never eat and cry until like that.I started to feel stress coming. I hate the feeling to sit down on bed cos the wound will feel pain. I lay my backside flat like that until my backside numb.When i was breastfeeding, baby poo. I tell the nurse i think baby is having diarea.She check and laugh at me say no,it normal poo and all baby are like that. I feel so embarassed.

    9 April 2010
    I was discharge on sat. I went to the baby room with baby clothings that i brought to collect him.I waited quite some time as the nurse was checking with pedtrician and gynae to make sure they allow my baby discharge because he is having slide jaundice. Nurse brief me how to use the medical swipe and tell me what are the injections given to baby. She then wrap baby and follow me, pushing baby to the main entrance. We wait for my husband to drive to the door very long as many cars are jam there. I was quite surprise the nurse actually follow us with baby until we are in the car and left.

    Nightmare started when i reached home. My in-law ask me to bath and change pamper for baby on bed.I was like what! im so backpain and wound pain if i bend down.SHe forgot to brew red dates water for me the first 2 days.Day and night i take care,wakeup feed baby. I was so tire,so sad and stress when they keep stressing me on breastfeeding.I try again and again even 5th day there are still no milk.Again, both nipple bleeds.After that more unhappy things happen. I goten pos-natal blues and crys. Cos no support from husband, no help from in-law and not enought rest.Not to mention the pain and bleeding i still have to endure.

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    Re: My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010

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    Imperial Concubine angelwendy's Avatar
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    Re: My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010

    Congrats... try to talk to your hubby about how you feel.. i got baby blue as well for the first 2 weeks... because everything i wanna do myself.. as for BF... try to relax... if you too stress sure no milk... trust me... did you put nipple cream?

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    Re: My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010

    Congratulations! Good sharing~!!

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    Worthy Lady
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    Re: My Baby Jalen born on 8 April 2010

    congratulations on having your new Angel, hope that your baby will grow strong and happy, loving as well... Congratulations....

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