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My princess birth story.

This is a discussion on My princess birth story. within the The Big Day forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Paste from EDD in June 09. Finally, i gave birth on 09/06 to my princess daughter. Ok, i begin my ...

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    My princess birth story.

    Paste from EDD in June 09.

    Finally, i gave birth on 09/06 to my princess daughter.

    Ok, i begin my c sect story.. sorry for the long story. but to let first time mothers aga aga know.

    On monday was check and found 1cm open onli, lawrence ang put a tablet in me. ask me go home and admit to Thomson Medical Center later on 1030. because after 10.30 pm then they will charge you as you admit on the next day, mine case was taken as admit on Tuesday.

    Went home and i was suffering so much in pain. keep looking at the clock to see the frequent contractions. Those pain were like really 50 times worst then menstruation cramps. my hubby just hurry to prepare and pack everything..
    Bathe for 1 last time. feel better with warm shower.

    went off at 930pm and slowly drive to Thomson Medical Center..

    reach Thomson Medical Center and taken to my ward. L.A came at 12am to check on me. he insert his whole hand in... i was suffering soooooo much in pain. he say morning shud hav 2-3cm open. from then till 2am, i was damn #*#*ing pain.. i kept holding on and telling my hubby " i want to die , i want to die" .... my poor husband after 1 whole day of work, tried to comfort me and look at me till he fell asleep.. from there i was so touch by him...

    slept at 3am till 5am.. stupid nurse came in and ask my hubby to leave..
    i havent delivered, im in pain and you ask my hubby to go. he just left 3 more hours... i know we are in 2 bedded & he shudnt stay, you can just close 1 eye right. lucky the pain has subsided.

    Nurse came in and say will come at 8 to check on me. 0730 my husb came. i put on the "natural delivery" dress and headed to a rm where mothers are waiting to give birth. check.. he say still 1cm open onli.. he give me 2 options.. 1 is to insert 2nd tablet which will b much worst the pain, or c-sect.

    i told him i want c sect, he kinda "huh" i say yah i want c sect. he then ask my husb in and ask him hw many kids we want, husb say mayb 2-3... i was thinking this is the last!

    he then tell me to go back, 2pm he will c sect me.

    waited till 2pm, wore the "operation green dress" and push to c sect.
    nurse told my husb that to wait outside and wait to get change.

    then i did something which become the most regretable thing in my life.
    a doc ask me if i prefer whole body or half body, i ask half body pain not, he say sure pain ( joking manner, the c-sect area nurses and docs all were very friendly).. then i say whole body .. when came, he say since i choose whole body my husb cannot go in..

    i was like shiiiiittt!!!! was thinking whole body my husb still can see while i zzz.. i cannot choose anything again and push in. Put to drip, 1 mask oxygen, then 2 anastesia, another mask 3 breaths knock me out.

    i wake up totally blur, i tht havent finish, was tht of going to ask my husb wake up to see our daughter. i try to turn to my right cos i tht i havent c sect, then i heard dont AnyhoW Turn!

    was push back, i heard my husb saying my daughter look like me. i dont know what i talking, just like drunk woman keep asking where is my daughter. squeeze tightly my husb hand. keep saying so pain so pain.. nurse came in and say the painkiller is in the drip.

    Then saw my daughter..!!! ask if i want breastfeed, but i hav to turn to my side bt cannot cos i just c sect,then i say let them formula feed. ask me a list of milk powder brands, i blur just say friso.. bt shud b mamil gold cos i was drinking that for pregnant mums.

    next day lawrence ang came and he said luckily i choose to c sect cos my baby is 3.6kg. Even with the 2nd tablet, my cervix will still not open and i have to still go for c sect. So that was the best thing i heard so far.

    Upon discharge, my baby doctor call and said my baby got jaundice. 12.8 which is quite high. He ask me to stay 2 more day with baby. cos i breastfeed. i dont want cos i really want to go home with baby. he then suggest to lend light. install at home.. i said let me consider first..

    mother in law and husb then quarrel. mother in law said just bring baby back, 90% of chinese babies sure got jaundice. Just bring back. Husb say he rather spend $200 to lend light so baby will b healthy. mother in law say sure they want you all stay longer ... money . Until a nurse bring me the stool syrup and said that i ask for it. i kept thinking no .. i onli got sore throat. then she said aiyah anybody can eat since she already charge me.

    Then me and husb look at each other.. my neighbour mother also came by ask us to bring baby back and drink dont know what pearl water. Sure recover. no need lend light . So yup brought her back, she is much better now. When she is back she was yellow. Now her skin brown already. So i think theres no need to lend light or what ... although cannot play a fool but bringing the baby out is much better than cont stay in hospital.

    So thats it! my delivery story.. to know i have overcome everything makes in all worthwhile when i c her...
    Now stitches pain, cannot walk properly, urine pain, breast pain, and worst is i have cough.. the flam is killing me.. with every cough, my wound is so painful. if i dont cough, im like out of breadth. no appetite to eat.. prob i also hate confinement food. the sesame oil smell whenever i smell i want to vomit.

    By the way, Thomson Medical Center is like in chaos... everybody want to change pass.. every visitor is limited to 2. Husband also visitor ( dont know why )
    when im going to discharge, reception area pple are so fed up they dont care whether you give birth yest, they just run past you like nobody business... no choice .. swine flu..

    just tahan all mummies whom just gav birth... MAMA shi wei da ....
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    Re: My princess birth story.


    Your detailed story is defintely helpful to first time mum. For me (also 1st time mum but have alredy given birth on 14 May 09), it's interesting to know of others' story, cos each delivery is so different...

    Anyway, take care & rest well...

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