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This is a discussion on Backache within the Confinement Period forum, part of the You and Your Family category; I just given birth to my gal a week ago and realize I got very bad backache after that. Is ...

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    I just given birth to my gal a week ago and realize I got very bad backache after that. Is it normal? Sit n stand need some effort. I did not really lie dwn to rest so my mum is blaming me for walking around n sitting around instead of taking a good rest but I really can't bear to leave my gal alone.. She is so adorable! Can't help it as i want to see her every sec although she is under the care of confinement lady. Now I m worried bout my backache too as it gets really pain n sometimes if I stand or sit too long .. The pressure is like on my wound below. I m not sure whether this is the side effect for epidural?

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    Re: Backache

    Hihi, your mum is right, you should rest as much as you can now since there is someone helping you with your baby. When I had my 1st child, I'm also like you, didn't lie down n rest much coz anxious about baby, after awhile I began to have constant backache and it got worse when after my confinement coz I need to take care of baby myself. Not enough rest time, constantly on the move and after my maternity leave ends, I gotta go back to wrk which means sitting in front of the comp most of the time. And also after giving birth our womb tends to be lower than before, that's y older pple always tell us dont walk or stand too much. My massage lady did help me to push back the womb n tell me the same thing but I didn't listen so in the end my abdominal will pain frequently. And I dont know issit due to this that I had a tough pregnancy the second time.. My abdominal is always painful and towards my last trimester I cun even get up without much hassle so in the end I request to induce hoping the pain will go away after my 2nd is delivered.

    Thus this time round I make sure I rest as much as possible and I had just ended my confinement and I didn't feel as bad as before.

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