My husband and I are furious,Why are we furious? okay, here goes the story...

We engaged local confinement lady agency GPLS for their service. GPLS introduced us the first confinement lady on the first day after I discharged. The follows were the things the first confinement lady done:

1. She did not know it is a must to use sesame cooking oil for confinement food preparation. She was shocked when my mum reminded her about cooking with sesame oil.
2. She asked my wife to take care new-born at night, while she is asleep soundly.
3. She complained to my family member that she needs a maid/ helper to take care of the baby.
4. She told me that my HDB flat is lousy because it was too hot!
5. She did not care about cleanness of my baby ( wasn't she support to take care of my baby during confinement period?).

we complained on the third day and got a replacement on the fifth day. We demanded an official letter/ explanation on this case. See this what we got after waited for 20 days...
As regarding your feedback to us, we listened and acknowledged your feedback.As spoken on the phone between your goodself and Li Yun, we would like to apologize that we do not guarantee 100% satisfaction as we are handling with human and it can be very complex.

What we do guarantee is the replacement nanny policy with no extra costs that if parents not satisfied with the confinement nanny that was sent, we will listen and take necessary action. As in your case, we have listened and took prompt action to replace another confinement lady to you.

As for what we do with our 1st nanny, it is within our internal operation, we leave it to our nanny's department to follow up.

Thank you.
We are in total disappointment with the way they handle our complaint.
Come on, it is not about another and hundreds more replacement.
Our concern is, how could GPLS employ someone like this, someone who does not even have basic knowledge in this profession as a nanny?

The question is left unanswered. So, please alert when you engage/ about the engage with confinement agency service