That, Cheap authentic jerseys ,gallery in the multi-broadcast, the only security of saying, is the most representative.

"Regardless of the outcome of the game in the end will be what is, but I've seen a young genius, is proud to go to Schalke stadium was born

Even had two in the the Linyi Champions League on the journey, not a shock the table method, because he himself is extraordinary, such as hemp, crazy hair

But had lost two people after the field goal, but also in the final, this alone, even if the strict German, but also admiration for him.

Clean, agile, very simple and very direct blow, the black-haired little guy, at the moment, really cold like a German.

Ming Zhuo in Gaier Ji Xing, under the night sky, Linyi to honor his promise, he became the focus of the entire stadium, but only the first step.

He would not just when a focus, he has to decide the game master, and now is just the beginning, and the play is still behind.

For this black-haired boy, his first Champions League final will all be hard to forget ...
The speed to break the deadlock. Linyi since only crazy performances opened the remuneration screen, the only Frenchman still immersed in the fight against

If someone at the moment of the goals, Nike Elite Jerseys ,noted that Monaco's Prince Rainier III and Prince Albert, two elegant stretch disabilities. You will be surprised to find the mouth of these two guys have a solemn feast of words, even the *** hell, with elegant and completely detached.

No wonder, the two men just sparkle and Portuguese President Sampaio about hellos, this have to look awkward face conceded.

This is either replaced by which stretch to sitting in that position, it is estimated can not help but whisper called the mother of the two, because this scene is just so humiliating.

Just a minute ago, they also jokingly like Sampaio said, the game is to have a gamble, they charge the Monaco team will win. Sampaio, very politely replied, "I believe the last will certainly lift the trophy is the Porto team, because we have to Linyi.

You have to say, The Sampaio This guy really had eyes, and he finished this sentence is less than ugly seconds. That kid has created a miracle.

Linyi field goal that moment, Sampa appointment seems to be very embarrassed directed at Prince Rainier shrugged his shoulders, the other side is silent.

The butt of the Prince is not even the seat cover heat, his team behind. He understands a what is called on pins and needles.

That goal really is like a big mouth sub-The fiercely fan in the face of the Prince Rainier, is not only pain, but also sticky.

Seeing those Portuguese cheers own blink of an eye, Nfl jerseys wholesale, this bitterness of feeling of those Monaco helpless, but there is no way.

At least in Porto wild celebrations when depressed Monaco players and fans did not show how tough comeback.

Qi Kesi a few of them even would like to watch as the Porto people cheering in their own half pyramid, the loud singing.

French at the moment to show more emotional or depressed, they kind of do not understand, in the end what went wrong, and why is it so!

Has always been a simple kick-off, but for the pieces of what this damn football is now lying on the goal, the Frenchman looked confused, looked at each other.

Opening when in the red and white banner waving, at the moment also falls in the stands, Nfl jerseys china, the loss of life, blue and white Porto gradually submerged.

The whole proud to go to Schalke stadium filled with a blue and white, which makes a lot of Portuguese fans have kind of illusion, seems to be back to the dragon stadium.

All over the court can hear the cheers are to sing the team song of Porto and the roar of shouting player names, and even that is pure Porto cry.