LD~VENUS, a natural health supplement, was formulated with the aim of helping all females live a fuller, active and healthy life through natural nourishment and help to prolong youthfulness. LD~VENUS is beneficial to females who have already started menstruation, and is equally useful to matured females who are in the phases of womanhood, motherhood and pre- and post- menopause.

Benefits of LD-Venus

-Improves the condition of skin tissue to enhance skin elasticity
-Reduce skin pigmentation problems, dark circle around the eyes, feckless and pimples
-Prevents premature aging
-Helps regulate menstruation and alleviate the symptoms of menstrual discomfort
-Strengthens the vaginal muscles & contracts the uterus
-Imparts regulatory and invigorating benefits to women after childbirth
-Helps elevate physical vigour and revitalize female physiology and functions
-Assists in subduing the discomfort associated with menopausal symptoms
-Nourishes the body and helps to enhance youthfulness to promote healthy skin and complexion


-Formulated through medically advanced research, using pure, naturally cultivated herbs, with no hormonal substances and is not known to have any side effects
-Certified as having exceptional restorative capabilities and therapeutic benefits on the female's physiological conditions, with 98%* proven results
-Orally-taken liquid hygienically bottled in easy-to-carry vials for consumption
-Pleasant in aroma and tasteWhy Choose LD~Venus?

-Formulated through advanced technologies using purely natural herbs, does not contain hormones.
-Clinically tested by reputable hospitals in China with effective rates above 98%
-Awarded "Gold Medal" by the National Medicine and Healthcare Fair, China in year 1992

* Xijing Hospital's Obstetrics Research Institute, Xijing Hospital's Examination Department and the Fourth Military Medical Hospital.Recommended Consumption

For general health: 1 bottle to be taken daily before any meal (30 days per course).

Complement with LD~Esteem:

Before breakfast - 1 bottle LD~Esteem
Before lunch - 1 bottle LD~Venus Gold
Before dinner - 1 bottle LD~Esteem

Recuperation after childbirth : Take 1 bottle 3 times a day before each meal.


Strictly for women
Expectant mothers and women who are having their menses are advised to stop consuming LD~VENUS GOLD. Advisable to start taking only 2-3 days after the end of each menses
Shake well before consuming
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Benefits of LD~Esteem

LD~ESTEEM helps to enhance firmer and fuller breast contours, improve the elasticity and lighten the colour of nipples.

Recommended Consumption

Adult: 1 bottle 2 times every morning and night (30 days per course), ideally to be taken before meals.

Complement with LD~ VENUS:
Before breakfast - 1 bottle LD~ESTEEM
Before lunch - 1 bottle LD~VENUS
Before dinner - 1 bottle LD~ESTEEM


Strictly for women
Expectant or nursing mothers are advised to stop consuming LD~ESTEEM
You are advised to stop consumption during menses. Consumption can be resumed 2-3 days after menses
Shake well before consuming
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlightClick image for larger version. 

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