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Skin itchness during confinement period/Enquiries

This is a discussion on Skin itchness during confinement period/Enquiries within the Confinement Period forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Hi, I have just delivered my boy on 27 Feb'12 and he is coming to one month old in about ...

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    Skin itchness during confinement period/Enquiries


    I have just delivered my boy on 27 Feb'12 and he is coming to one month old in about 1 week's+ times. I am currently doing my confinement and having a hard time trying to adjust to the confinement rules and new lifestyle (thou I currently have a nanny). I have a few enquiries and would need somebody's advise soonest.

    1) I am currently having very itchy skin (those super itchy types and without rash bumps, will scratch till red but goes off after a while) during my 36th week into pregnancy and until now (after delivery), the itch continues (thou the hives-like rash have toned down abit). The itch is usually very intense at night (till I cannot sleep well for many wks) and daytime when I perspire or if weather is super hot. I have informed my gynae and she prescribed me with anti-histamine and even steriod (prednisolone), but it doesnt seem to help at all and the itch continues. As I am also currently breastfeeding, I do not want to take too much western med. Any mummies suffer the same problem as me? Pple say it could be due to build-up of toxic and my blood is not 'pure'. I was thinking of visiting a traditional chinese medicine to 'cleanse' the body. Not sure what is the problem. Any good traditional chinese medicine to reccommend that is good with such prob? Also, can we visit traditional chinese medicine during confinement period and continue to breastfeed with traditional chinese medicine med? Wonder how long will the itch continues before I can really rest well at night (it is bothering me so bad) so as to have the energy to take care of baby in the daytime.

    2) Separately, as I have insufficient breastmilk, I always supplement my baby with formula (but will give my baby whatever amt of milk I have). Is it ok to supplement formula immediately after giving breastmilk?

    3) My baby always hiccup and has some sensitive nose (he will breathe loudly at times, and not sure if it is due to the buildup of his nose sendiments or what), as well as some heat rash besides his eyes and back. Will that cause him to have an allergy when he grows older? As for hiccups, I understand it is normal but he hiccup very frequently and it will go away after a while. Is frequent hiccups normal?

    Thanks, and hope to have some advise soonest.

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    Re: Skin itchness during confinement period/Enquiries

    As I read your post, its sounds so much like what I am currently going though. At first, I thought it was some food allergies or what. But the itch gets really bad at night!! Same like your baby, my baby also breathes very loudly and with heat rash around his eyes. However, the doctor said its alright (somemore 2 doctors).

    I am currently not bf, as my supply dwindles by the day. Now I feed formula already.

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