Hello !!! Mummies n mother to-be,here again me with my loving magic hand,purely invited mummies n to be to joined n feels my massage style.Finding n looking for your personal massage lady?Wanted a trust worthy n responsible person like your own mum?Having postnatal depression,need someone to talk with ?having engorgement under armpit,loose bladder,urinary flow,aching body,backache after givingbif,blood clog n more things to do with women.....ROSHA massage service will definitely complete your wish.Baby with colic n cannt sleep at nite.Call Now at (93766413) jb hp (0149133240) your happiness is my service.So y wait call NOW ..!!!!!

1)whole body massage (hd to toe
2)Jamu Apply ( param ,pilis,tapel)
3)hot compress on tummy
4)binder or Bengkong wrapping
5)baby massage (10dy above free )

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