Contrary to popular belief, the most important part of the services is not about losing weight and shaping up. Itís the internal restoration that is the main objective. Special attention is given to ensure that the cervix (due to normal delivery) and the womb are restored as much as possible to its original condition. This is one of the most important features of the traditional postnatal massage. Another main concern is to the removal of accumulated toxins and excess water accumulated throughout the pregnancy and due to uncontrolled weight gains.

Through effective massage, herbs used and the wrap, the body fats are also targeted. As more fats get broken down, the body is able to get rid of these fats through the normal channels. This contributed to the overall slimming effect. However, result varies and is also affected by other factors such as diets, total weight gained, age and number of deliveries.

As a final word, knowing your body condition and need, would help you decide on the package most suitable for you. During the first month after delivery, the focus should be on regaining as much vitality and energy so as to focus more on the baby needs. For those who are breastfeeding, to be very careful to only consume food or apply product that are safe for baby. These includes medication (such as antibiotic, painkiller, camphor as ingredient or slimming lotions/gels) or herbs and ginseng (cos babyís liver may not be fully develop as yet). Also, plain water is very vital as the body is always in the process of producing milk and thence to use up more water causing dehydration. When this happen, the milk supply would naturally decreases.

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