Hi mummies,

As my mother in law would be the main caregiver to my dear daughter after my maternity leave ends, we are faced with the problem of having to transport dear daughter safely from my home to mother in law's place every morning.

Yesterday we tried to buckle her into the Combi CarSeat, she sat on the seat for less than 2min then started to cry and cry and cry. Totally unable to make her stop crying until I give up, unbuckled her and carried her. Once she is off the seat, the crying stops..

This morning we tried again, same problem... again have to unbuckle and carry her...

Right now, I am still on leave, so can still have the time to "test water" with hubby every morning, He drives so that I can sit behind and monitor my dear daughter's reaction to the CarSeat..

However when I am gg back to work, I will be bringing her over to my mother in law place alone. So I will be the driver, thus, I cannot possibly buckle her in and let her brawl her lungs out all the way to my mother in law place can I??

How to make dear daughter feel more secure in the CarSeat so that she will not cry once she is being seated on it?? I need some help here... can mummies pls advise?