My boy is 8 weeks old. Basically he seems to be very hungry in the evening would ask for milk every 1 to 1.5hrs between 5+ to 8+ (around 2 to 3 feeds). After the 8+ feed, I give him a warm wipe down, change clothes and nappy, dim the lights, sing a few songs, kiss goodnight and put him to his cot. By then, it's between 8.45pm to 9pm. He is still awake but drowsy (sometimes a bit cranky), takes between 15min to 45min to fall asleep (around 9+) and he needs a pacifier to soothe himself to sleep. Coz he keeps sticking his tongue indicating he wants to suckle yet when I put him to the breast, he suckle for a few mins then fall asleep.

From there, he will sleep till between 1.30am to 2.30am for a feed (very hungry and would suckle vigoriously). Then 4+ he will sort of cry a bit. I thought he wants feed yet he just suckle for 5 mins then falls back to sleep. Sometimes, he cries a bit then falls back straight to sleep while I'm preparing to BF him -_- *sigh*

Between 5 to 6, he will cry a bit sleep a bit, so I keep waking up to check on him and in dilemma whether to feed, if I feed him he will just suckle 5 mins... till these 2 nights cannot tahan, give him pacifier, put him in his rocker and 'force' him to sleep till at least 7.

Should I feed him at 4+? And should I feed him at 5+ 6? Or delay till 7? Couldn't really sleep between 4 to 6+ due to this problem. Or do I adjust his bedtime?

I also long for the day when he can sleep from 9+ all the way to 7. But for now, I'll be happy if he can just wake up once (the 2am feed) and then till 7.