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Apgar Score

This is a discussion on Apgar Score within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; What is Apgar Score? What does it show?...

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    Apgar Score

    What is Apgar Score? What does it show?

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    Re: Apgar Score

    Quote Originally Posted by infinity88 View Post
    What is Apgar Score? What does it show?
    got this info online

    This score developed by anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar in 1952 and now used in modern hospitals worldwide rates a baby's appearance, pulse, responsiveness, muscle activity, and breathing with a number between zero and 2 (2 being the strongest rating). The numbers are totaled, and 10 is considered a perfect score.

    How does the doctor score my baby?

    It's easy to remember what's being tested by thinking of the letters in the name "Apgar": Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration. Here's how they're used to rate your baby:

    Activity (muscle tone)
    0 Limp; no movement
    1 Some flexion of arms and legs
    2 Active motion

    Pulse (heart rate)
    0 No heart rate
    1 Fewer than 100 beats per minute
    2 At least 100 beats per minute

    Grimace (reflex response)
    0 No response to airways being suctioned
    1 Grimace during suctioning
    2 Grimace and pull away, cough, or sneeze during suctioning

    Appearance (color)
    0 The baby's whole body is completely bluish-gray or pale
    1 Good color in body with bluish hands or feet
    2 Good color all over

    Respiration (breathing)
    0 Not breathing
    1 Weak cry; may sound like whimpering, slow or irregular breathing
    2 Good, strong cry; normal rate and effort of breathing
    What do the Apgar scores mean?

    The one-minute Apgar score
    This helps your practitioner decide whether your baby needs immediate medical help. If your baby scores between 7 and 10, it usually means he's in good shape and doesn't need more than routine post-delivery care. (dont't be disappointed if your baby doesn't score a perfect 10, though. It's unusual for a baby's hands and feet to have good color one minute or so after arrival.)

    If your baby scores between 4 and 6, he may need some help breathing. This could mean something as simple as suctioning his nostrils or massaging him, or it could mean giving him oxygen. If your baby scores 3 or less, he may need immediate lifesaving measures, such as resuscitation. Keep in mind, though, that a low score at one minute doesn't mean that your baby won't eventually be just fine. Sometimes babies born prematurely or delivered by cesarean section, for example, have lower-than-normal scores, especially at the one-minute testing.

    The five-minute Apgar score
    This helps your practitioner see how your baby is progressing and whether he has responded to any initial medical intervention. A score of 7 to 10 is still considered normal at this point. If your baby scores 6 or less at the five-minute mark, he may need medical help and your practitioner will determine what steps need to be taken.

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    Re: Apgar Score

    My boy got 9 for the 1 min and 10 for the 5mins. Its in the booklet, will be given to you once baby discharge with you.

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