Hi mummies,

Pls share yr experience or suggest what I can do:

My 9 week old son used to be able to sleep through his feedings at night...average 3hrs but after his 6-in-1 jab last week, he would cry whenever we put him on his cot to sleep. He wld fall asleep when we carry him but the min we put him down, he wld open his eyes and make noise. Initially thought it was the jab n the mild fever that made him grouchy n restless but a week has past n he is still not sleeping well at nite. Last nite, he was wide awake from 12midnite to 5am! He is sleepy but wld only wanna sleep when we carry him....he didn't use to be like this....he sleeps about 4hrs total nap in the day...same thing, doesnt like to sleep in own cot.....

Is there anything I can do to mk my son sleep better at nite, w/o hving to fall asleep on us but in his own cot? (we even tried co-sleeping w him but still the same results).