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Baby Woes

This is a discussion on Baby Woes within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Im a new father of a 2 months old baby boy. Would appreciate the kind advices of the experienced parents ...

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    Baby Woes

    Im a new father of a 2 months old baby boy. Would appreciate the kind advices of the experienced parents in this forum to assure me that Im going in the correct direction.

    1) My baby drink 200ml (70% FM, 30% breast milk) per feed for around 8x per 24hours. Current weight is 6.8kg. Is this normal thought I know he is overfeeding but we gave in to his screaming

    2)He can pee up to 20 times per day (we are using napkins in the day & pamper in the night). He often leak thru the pamper altho the pamper get changed in the middle of the night. Usage is around 2~3 pamper thruout the night.

    3)He doesnt like to sleep, average sleeping hours in 24hrs is around 12hrs only.

    Any advice on the above ques? Many thanks & Happy CNY in advance. HUAT !!!!

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    Re: Baby Woes

    200ml seems a bit too much? But did the pediatrician say anything when you went for your baby checkup? I guess, if he finds it okay then it's fine. And having the 200ml, does he vomit out the milk later? If yes, then he's being overfed..

    my baby is also 2mth old now, about 5kg (but at birth was 3.12kg - so i guess also depend on what weight yr baby starts with). he's drinking 140ml during the day and 160ml during the nite. Like you, we used to also feed him at every screaming and he will still drink (sigh) though pple said they will know when to stop - but he doesn't and later he'll vomit out the extra milk. But now we realised that sometimes after feed, he still cries... is not crying for milk.. he could be tummyache or wanna burp. So after feed, i'll carry him upright position to burp and not sure if parents here will encourage.. but i do walk him around the house in upright position to burp him. I think with our movement, he bounced a little and making him burp faster/easier. But sometimes when all these fails, i'll make him another 60ml to see if he can finish.. sometimes he does (and continue crying.. faint)... but most of the time, he will just doze off after some suckle.

    And I bought a rocker/bouncer for him - after feeding and burping - if he still fusses around.. he could be sleepy, butjust couldn't sleep... I'll place him in the bouncer and gently bounce him. my boy doesn't like to be swaddle when he's awake (if yrs ok, you can try swaddling) - I'll place the cloth diaper on the bouncer and open up before placing him down.. then i'll hold his 2 hands by the side to preven him from swaying his hands.. and start bouncing him (gently) until he's blur... then i'll use the cloth diaper to swaddle him. With that he can nap at least 1.5hrs - 2 hours... :P

    you try... i also went thru a hard time during my initial months... zzzz

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    Re: Baby Woes


    Firstly congrats.

    1. I was taught by another mummy in this forum as to how to calculate the lower & upper limits of baby's intake over 24 hour period.
    Lower Limit: Baby's Weight x 150ML
    Upper Limit: Baby's Weight x 200ML

    This should be the recommended intake per 24 hour period.
    If you want to know how much to feed per session, divide the recommended intake by the number of times you feed per 24hour.

    This works provided your wife's expressing out to feed each time. For me, i latch on 95%, so i'm using her cues to know if she's fed enough, and i understand that babies know how to 'self regulate' their intake.

    2. My girl is also on napkins in the day (at home) & pampers in the night or when going out. On a good day, she goes through easily 15 napkins each day, sometimes even more. My pediatrician told me, whatever the amount the baby's taking has to 'come out' so the more he/she feeds, the more wet & soiled nappies you have. Kinda make sense. As long as baby dont't display signs of discomfort, feeding well, all's good.

    3. Some books say babies sleep up to 16 hours per day but not all babies require that much sleep. My girl's awake in broken periods for about 10 - 12 hours each day, there are days she is awake longer cuz we go out or when there are visitors and she is over stimulated. I do not instill forced naps unto her now probably when she's slightly older(although some feel that a schedule for children is good) but look out for cues from her. By now, i can see some cues like her rubbing her eyes constantly or becoming increasingly restless, that's when i coax her to sleep by patting her. As she's already tired, she goes to sleep easily and quickly.

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