Hi all. My baby girl is 11 days old today. I've been feeding her with FM when she came back from hospital as I dont have breast milk yet and I did not manage to latch her on when I was in hospital despite several tries. (regreting it)

I decided to take her off FM in the day as i've learnt how to latch her on on thursday. And only feed her FM at nite before she sleeps. But she seems to want to latch on all the time! It's like every 90mins or less. I cannot pump when she not latching as I'll be busy with her or my nipple is too sore to pump. (I can only feed on 1 side as I had an op to remove the nipple)

Is the feeding correct? I should feed on demand or time? Very confused as my mother in law keeps asking my hubby to make FM for her saying my breast milk is not enough, whenever she's here. Pressure.