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baby's milk and sleeping problem!!!

This is a discussion on baby's milk and sleeping problem!!! within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Originally Posted by annie yea baby sleep has nothing to do with mummy's sleep pattern during pregnancy. my girl is ...

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    Re: baby's milk and sleeping problem!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by annie View Post
    yea baby sleep has nothing to do with mummy's sleep pattern during pregnancy. my girl is one good eg. i used to sleep around 2-3am sometimes even 4-5am during preggy and my girl is a baby who loves sleeping early! i always try not to let her nap late in the evening cos if i put her down for a late nap she wont wake up till midnight! she likes to sleep early.. anytime after 7pm she sure wont wake up anymore.. anyway her last nap now is at 5pm and she wakes up usually around 6.30pm so still ok to meet her night time sleep at 9.30pm..

    yah snowbear is right. old folks say try to let baby stay awake more in the day and wake them up if they are napping too long so that they can sleep better at night is not true. of cos if your baby is dead tired he will sleep better at night but then it might not be easy to get him down and he will be fussy whole day due to lack of sleep.. sometimes my girl whole day only napped 1hr(2 30mins nap) but at night also didnt sleep any better. but sometimes when she nap 5hrs in total (2 x 2.5hrs nap), she also didnt sleep any worse at night. her night sleep didnt seem much affected by her naps but then if she nap more, she wont be fussy in daytime and is much happy and easier baby compare to if she dosent nap enough..

    many ppl say you cant spoil a baby below 6mths but for me i still try not to carry my girl too much just in case.. lol. i will carry her if she cries of cos and will put her down as soon as she stop crying. as long as you dont overdo it (keep carrying even if she is not crying) then i think its ok
    my hubby's grandma loves to wake my dear son up!!! and in a very rough way!!! think gonna get my huby to talk to her and other relatives in case they wake dear son up again.. haha

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    Re: baby's milk and sleeping problem!!!

    When my son cry, we never rush to pick him up. When we hear him cry, we will respond immediately to let him know we are there, but we won't rush to give him attention. We will just ask him in a smoothing voice 'why baby? what's wrong?', sometimes he'll stop and we just continue talking to him in a soothing voice and let him play on his own. Sometimes he'll continue crying, then we'll go over and smile and him, and check if he needs anything (diaper change, uncomfy, milk, etc). Sometimes it still dont work, then we'll pat him or place our hand on his chest to comfort him. If still cry then we pick him up (but sit down, no moving, no rocking). So far there was only once that we needed to carry him for more than 10min to comfort him and it was when he had flu and couldn't breathe properly and wanted comfort.

    Books always say you can never spoil a child younger than 6mths old but I beg to differ from my personal experience. Babies now are much smarter than before and they learn very quickly too. After my 3mths maternity leave, my maid took over the care of my son. She loves my son alot and won't bear to let him cry. So she picks him up everytime he cries. And he was only 3mths+ at that time, he already know who he can 'bully'. When I'm home and my maid is busy, he won't cry for us to carry him. But when my maid is in the room, he'll cry and cry until she picks him up. He knows that my maid will pick him up so he only cry when she's there! Even my maid says she regret giving him so much attention and she should have listened to us.

    Me and my husband have been 'training' my son like that. Everything he cries, he won't get what he wants. He has to say it. When he still couldn't talk, we made him point out what he wanted, then slowly teach him how to name objects and make requests.
    And now he knows that with us he cannot cry for anything he wants, he wants something, he learn to open his mouth and ask for it. "mummy, I want milk" or "daddy, I'm hungry. I want biscuit."
    Crying just makes everyone more frustrated. He's frustrated that he can't get what he want, I'm frustrated cos i dont know what he want. So it's good to teach them from young, even when they can't talk, just keep repeating and one day they'll repeat after you
    Empty vessels make the most noise

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