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Baby's non stop crying

This is a discussion on Baby's non stop crying within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Dear mummies I need your kind advice on this. dear daughter vomitted after she put her fist into her mouth on ...

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    Baby's non stop crying

    Dear mummies

    I need your kind advice on this.

    dear daughter vomitted after she put her fist into her mouth on Sat. We cleaned her up and she seemed to be ok, expect making some noises to ask us to cuddle her. As I was washing her stuff, I left her in her cot alone for awhile. Once I was done with the work, I cuddled her.

    She begin to cry and we thought that she may be hungry as it is near her feeding time. She refused her fed and kept crying in loud tones for nearly 2 hours. We were panick as she never behaved in such manner. Immediately, we sent her to Kandang Kerbau Hospital.

    The jounery to Kandang Kerbau Hospital was peaceful as she always enjoys car ride. She was fine when we were in Kandang Kerbau Hospital, expect she cried for her milk. But when we fed her, she refused to have it and keep howling loudly.

    The doctor could not give any diagonise on her condition except it may be due to colic. I am wondering will a 3 months old baby have colic now. I thought that colic is sometime that newborn will get it.

    She cried again yesterday afternoon for awhile. But when her father fed her, she was ok. I fed her the last fed last evening, she cried a bit and then continued to drink.

    Any mummies experiences suc situtation?

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    Re: Baby's non stop crying

    hi 773,

    i find that babies tend to get colicky around 3 to 4months onwards, reasons unknown....my boy last time also have cries which lasts 1 hour, even i tried anything AND everything, its useless....sometimes in the middle of the night at 3am he also cries for no reason and remains awake till 5am.....i was also so scared that the neighbours will wake up from his cries....so afraid....those days....think they might have been woke up by his cries (Coz its really loud) and nice enuf not to knock on my door nia~.....

    but sometimes she has her quiet times also rite, your girl? Think its not a serious case of colic.

    some tips for you to reduce her colicky cries:
    1) Gripe water to reduce wind
    2) Ru Yi Oil to rub tummy
    3) Sometimes you need to feel her forehead, if its cold, it means she is having tummy upset and so you can apply ru yi oil on her tummy. Rub from top to bottom, towards the diapers area, downward manner
    4) maybe due to teething discomforts?
    5) IF everything else FAILS, bring her out for a walk, like you said she enjoyed car rides? It helps to settle down her cries. They will be distracted by the moving surroundings.

    As long as she is eating well and not throwing up every feed, there is not much to worry about. But you will need to find time to relax yourself coz constantly hearing those cries will make us frustrated and will hate the baby....

    All the best!

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